Manage your customer business requirements in Odoo

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

Manage your customer business requirements in Odoo by Eric Caudal, Founder & CEO of Elico-Corp.

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7. Integrated workflow

9. Demo!

1. How to optimize your customer Business Requirements with Odoo and OCA modules Powered by and

11. Where can I find them? ➢ Hosted in Odoo Community Association Repository: ➢ Fully open source with AGPL license ➢ Available in v8 and v9 ➢ Fork me on Github!

10. Conclusions We have been using internally the first version of the modules in production for more than 6 months and the feedback from the teams and customers is more than positive: ➢ All information now centralized ➢ End users can create BR with a simple email ➢ End users can access via the portal their requests and check the status ➢ All requests are estimated and can be compared with the actual time spent. ➢ All estimations are discussed directly in the chatter and approved accordingly.

3. How to collect the customer requirements information ➢ Multiple incompatible media ➢ No standard approval process ➢ No centralization of information ➢ No link between business processes ➢ Unsustainable with complex projects and large teams Skype Mail Excel

4. A long term project ➢ Original “Gap Analysis in v6/v7 ➢ Fully revamped in v8 and v9 ➢ Broader & Better scope “Business Requirement” ➢ Better & more generic objects ➢ New API ➢ Hosted in OCA Manage in Odoo the Customer Business Requirement for ERP project implementations and integrate them with other business processes

8. A generic and extensible design Business requirements Main objects and views Business requirements Deliverables Deliverables and resources for estimation Business Requirements Project Wizard Create the projects based on the resources lines Business Requirements CRM Wizard Create the Sales Quotations based on the deliverable lines Business Requirements Reports Printouts for Business Requirements Documents Business Requirements Cost Control ACL, cost & sales prices to control the gross profit

6. Audience Service industry ➢ IT development ➢ Website design ➢ Business Consultancy ➢ Media/Advertisement agency These modules were originally designed for the service/IT industry but the requirement management process can apply to many cases/industries (customer or internal projects) for which a requirement gathering and analysis is previously necessary Other industries ➢ Construction of new building ➢ Trading (New product development) ➢ R&D Projects ➢ etc.

5. Ease our project implementation process ➢ Collect and gather in one place the relevant Customer Stories ➢ Manage the BR approval ➢ Link together the BR ➢ Manage deliverables, resources workload and estimations ➢ Create Customer Sales quotations directly from the BR deliverables ➢ Create project and tasks from the BR resources workload ➢ Print the Business Requirement Document

2. About the speaker Elico Corporation ➢ Business Process analysis ➢ Odoo ERP Integration ➢ Odoo Support, hosting and training ➢ In Shanghai, ShenZhen and Singapore: ➢ Local developer team (Python, jscript, PHP etc) ➢ Multi-cultural Business Consultants ➢ Supply Chain, logistic and trading ➢ Ecommerce integration and Connectors ➢ Accounting in multi-company environment Eric Caudal, Founder and CEO Elico Corp, Odoo Gold Partner in Shanghai He founded Elico Corp based on his more than 10- year experience dealing with business related IT projects. With top positions in Supply Chain for world leading companies such as McCain Foods or Panavi, he has earned substantial business experience in large manufacturing organizations, specially in IT and project management. Since 2009, he started Odoo ERP implementations in China, for MNC (APEM, Suez, Geely, ...) and local businesses to which he provides functional and technical assistance. Dedicated to the open source community, he is active Board member of the Odoo Community Association since 2014. Odoo Community Association A non profit organization to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.


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