Lead Management: How Odoo Inc uses Odoo to boost its Marketing

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Geoffrey Bressan - Demand Generation Manager, Odoo

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3. Introduction 1

5. Targeted and high-quality leads are the lifeblood of our marketing and sales process

8. How we set our goals 3

14. Conclusions 4

6. Odoo’s Sales and Marketing Funnel 2

11. Optimize the Sales and Marketing Process 4

16. The line between sales and marketing are slowly blurring. That means marketing should learn from sales and vice versa.

17. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016 Send your questions to gbr@odoo.com

1. How Odoo Uses Lead Management to boost its Marketing and Sales process Business Track Geoffrey BRESSAN • Demand Generation Manager EXPERIENCE 2016

15. Key steps in successful Lead Management 1. Align Marketing and Sales around the same objectives 2. Score and nurture your leads 3. Track the effectiveness of each stage of the Funnel 4. Always ask for feedback (closed loop reporting)

2. Define your Sales and Marketing Funnel 1 How we set our Goals Optimize the Sales and Marketing process Conclusion 2 3 4 Introduction 5

9. How much is enough? Dig into your CRM and find out: 1. Visit-to-lead CR 2. Lead-to-opp CR 3. Opp-to-won CR 4. Average deal size 5. Volume of leads per sales rep. 6. Average sales cycle

4. What’s your Marketing contribution to your sales pipeline? Stop focusing on soft success metrics Be result-oriented

12. Identify your blocking points Go back to your conversion numbers Website traffic 10.000/ month Leads 100 Opportunities 70 Demos / Quotations 10 Customer 5 1% CR 70% CR 14% CR 50% CR

10. Apply the reverse Funnel Method Website traffic 12 500 Leads 190 Opportunities 125 Demos 25 Customer 10 Average deal size: 1000$ Target: 10k$ 40% CR 20% CR 65% CR 1.5% CR

13. How to improve marketing? Go back to your conversion numbers Website traffic Leads Qualified opps Closed demos Acquisition (SEO, PPC, outbound, content,...) Website optimisation (better landing pages and CTA, clear navigation, offer,...) Conversion (lead scoring and marketing automation) Sales efficiency (training, sales tools, negotiation skills,...) If you need more Work on

7. Website traffic 30.000 Leads 800 Opportunities 450 Demos 25 Customer 5 Sales Filtering bad data Lead scoring Lead nurturing Content Cold emailing/ calling PPC Lead acquisition Trade shows/ events Referrals Social media SEO Webinars Lead Capturing Marketing


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