Introduction to Odoo POS for restaurants

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2015

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21. Demonstration

22. Conclusion

23. Questions ?

3. Introduction A real case in a fictional restaurant

1. Introduction to Odoo POS for restaurants Michael Vercruyssen , Odoo Consulting Team

2. 1 Topics Introduction 2 Hardware and Software installation 3 Demonstration 4 Conclusion

6. Software installation o Install your POS on * Don’t forget to install a COA or Accounting

8. Software installation o First Go to POS > Configuration > point of sales o Set the Sale Journal & Payment Methods

7. Software installation o First Go to Modules o Search “POS” and install “Restaurant”

11. Software installation o Create 2 Order printer for the bar and the restaurant o Encode the IP address of the posbox o Product Categories

14. Software installation o Odoo shows you if you have a product to be prepared and the attached notes

4. " " o I am the manager of a new trendy restaurant and I have decided to install Odoo to speed up my employee efficiency per table . The concept is to have a short menu compose of 3 dishes and 3 cocktails that customer can customize . I also sell exotic product as spice and special condiments . A real case at Odoo o The restaurant plan is composed of 2 different floors o There is a bar that only do the cocktail and the restaurant that prepare the dishes . BAR Restaurant

5. Hardware installation o To run this restaurant, you need: o A Tablet or PC with Odoo v9 running. o 2 Posbox o 2 compatibles printers o Internet connection (no need in the tables floor) o A barcode scanner (optionally)

12. Software installation o Launch your POS Session o You will be asked to created your Tables

9. Software installation o Tick the options you need & save: o Receipt Printer o Barcode Scanner o Bill Splitting o Orderline Notes o Create 2 Restaurant floors

10. Software installation o Create your product in Orders > products o In Sales tab ALWAYS add a POS Category o Make sure it is available in the POS o Tips: You can duplicate the products from here

16. Software installation o You can also allow to print a intermediary ticket at any moment. o Set the option

13. Software installation o Enter a table to take orders o You can adapt the number of guests at this table

20. POS Workshop o Workshop in the Entrance Hall during all the Odoo Experience o For advance POS Talk > Go tomorrow at 11:30 in this Theater  Odoo POS Setup: Different Environment Frédéric Van Der Essen ( fva )

19. Software installation o For more security use a pin code per Users o We would advise to use it in combination with barcode badge because the pin code ensure you security for manual change while the badge allow you to switch quickly (no pin code asked).

15. Software installation o You can do Bill Splitting o It creates a new order and decreases the number of guest by 1

17. Software installation o A new feature of the POS is to enable you to switch user directly in the POS interface. o With a barcode o First Go To Settings > Users and set a Barcode or ask Odoo to generate one for you o Print directly the User barcode (Label) in Odoo

18. Software installation o Make Sure to set your user with the correct access right as “User” of the POS o Make Sure to use the right Barcode Nomenclature for cashier (to tell O doo to check on the users).

24. Odoo +32 (0) 2 290 34 90 R&D and services office Chaussée de Namur 40 B - 1367 Grand Rosière Sales office Avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse 5 B - 1160 Brussels Thank You


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