Import, Export and Mass Update: Tips and tricks

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Michaël Vercruyssen - Business Analyst

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9. Questions ?

3. Data Import

4. My company is moving to Odoo to better structure and automates my processes. Therefore I need to put data in Odoo to use them !

10. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

1. Export and Mass Update: Tips and tricks Michael Vercruyssen • Functional consultant EXPERIENCE 2016

6. Create Template Select records in list view Select the field by label name (easily reorder them) Select the export type (to reach up to 3 relational levels) Select the format: CSV or Excel Save fields list for future use Data Export

8. Export/import Select the records to update in list view Select the option “import-Compatible Export” Keep the first column with “ID”, if left blank it create a new record You can modify any fields Use Vlookup to link relation field and set the external ids (better) Mass Update

2. Introduction 1 Import Export Mass Update Conclusion 2 3 4 5

5. Create Template Export to get file structure Use external IDs or name to create links between objects Use fields label or field name for the first row Check your file structure Import Preview of your file with mapping with Odoo fields Tick “Show all fields for completion (advanced)” to see all type of fields Validation of the import Import Data import

7. Import ● Use preferably External IDs ● Export a test record to get file structure for this model ● For relation field, do a vlookup after exporting the other model ids ● To be able to link model => generate the external id of records by exporting them. ● Tick “Show all fields for completion (advanced)” to see all type of fields Export ● Save your export list for future use ● Use the export type to get more fields and go deeper in the relationships ● Export directly in Excel for analysis purpose ● You can export also pivot table into excel sheets Tips and tricks


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