How to use Odoo for a consulting company

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Cédric Vandermeersch - Business Analyst

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7. Demo

5. The timesheet contract 2

9. Conclusion 4

11. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

10. — Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

2. — American proverb “To keep a customer demands as much skills as to win one.”

3. Introduction 1 Subscriptions vs timesheets contracts The timesheet contract Conclusion 2 3 4

6. The timesheet contract Never forget to invoice your hours Quote Confirm order Task Invoice time Quote the price of your timesheet hours Confirm the order A task is created and you can book timesheet hours on it Invoice the delivered hours

8. The timesheet contract Quote Confirm order Task Invoice time Invoice time Based on ordered quantities Based on delivered quantities Hourly invoicing Project management Prepaid service Project management

1. How to manage a service company ? A practical approach to handle a service company with timesheets Cédric VANDERMEERSCH • Functional consultant EXPERIENCE 2016

4. Subscription Recurrent invoicing Timesheets Hourly invoicing Prepaid service Project management


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