How to create awesome websites and e-commerce

Public Channel / Introduction to Odoo

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3. Intro

6. Use Case

9. Demonstration

13. Example: blog

15. Example: online shop

19. Q & A

20. Conclusions

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1. How to create awesome websites and e-Commerce Patrick Lukusa Funtional Consultant, Odoo June 4th, 2014

8. Building Our Website We will perform the following • Design an attractive homepage • Create a blog • Set up a webshop (e-Commerce) • Manage job offerings online No need to hire a professional webmaster. We will do it ourselves!

17. Example: Job offer This well crafted job offer has been edited by our HR manager. No IT-skills required.

5. 1 Workings Install the Odoo Website Builder in one click Then you can immediately start building your website Using Drag & Drop features, you can easily build impressive pages. « It’s a child’s play! » 2 3

10. 1. Homepage design • General presentation of the website builder • How to structure your pages and edit the menu • Use Drag & Drop building blocks • Resizing and positioning elements on your pages • Choosing another theme and installing more apps Job offerings E-Commerce Blog Homepage

12. 2. Blogging • Installing the blog app • Activating more blog functions • Edit your first blog post • You can retweet phrases or comment on the blog. Job offerings E-Commerce Blog Homepage

14. 3. Selling online • Installing the e-Commerce app • Immediately start managing your products • All online sales are visible inside your system • Entirely integrated with your Odoo system: manage sales, warehouse and invoicing as usual. Job offerings E-Commerce Blog Homepage

16. 4. Job Offerings • Installing the Job Offerings app • Start publishing job offers • Entirely integrated with your Odoo system: edit job offers, get applications, manage emails. E-Commerce Job offerings Blog Homepage

7. Use Case: Organic’A! Let’s take a fictitious company, Organic’A! They specialize in organic food delivery They only started last year Next objective: « Set up a website to promote our activity. »

18. Tips To modify an element on any page of your site, 1. click on EDIT in the top-left corner 2. click once on the desired element to select it 3. Then apply the desired modification To activate any element of a module, 1. Click on the menu eg. Click on « Shop » 2. Then click on CUSTOMIZE 3. And activate the desired functionality

4. Benefits for your business Odoo CMS will help you to easily : 1 2 3 Create professional websites in a record time Promote events and organize online subscriptions Boost your sales by setting up an e-Commerce And much more! No technical skills required. It’s all Drag & Drop !

2. 1 Agenda Introduction 2 Use case 3 Demonstration 4 Q & A 5 Conclusions

11. The administration bar 1. Click on EDIT to chose and modify building blocks 2. Click on the phone icon to see how your site looks like on mobile devices 3. Click on PROMOTE to advertise your site 4. The CONTENT menu helps you create items (eg. a product) 5. CUSTOMIZE allows you to activate more functionalities

21. Conclusions With Odoo CMS, you are the webmaster! It is as simple as draging & dropping building blocks It is integrated with your existing apps Odoo CMS offers you powerful tools to design your website and update the content by yourself . 1 2 3 4


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