Ensure a nice qualification and manage your customer's

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2015

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1. Qualify effectively your customers needs and shorten your sales cycle Jaime Catalan, Director Odoo Sales Academy

16. Odoo Sales Academy

18. Thank You & Happy Selling!!! Jaime Catalan, Director Odoo Sales Academy jca@odoo.com +32 2 290 3514

10. Manage expectations – The offer

11. Manage expectations – The offer

12. Manage expectations – The offer

13. Manage expectations – The offer

14. Manage expectations – The offer

3. Qualify nicely - Hook Calls In Bound The Customer has been on www.odoo.com  He knows who we are but does Odoo has a solution to his pains? 30 Seconds to 1 minute to convince!!! Use it to have a different approach... Give interest to his business/project... Use exploring questions to understand his interest in Odoo... Ask him as many question as you need in order to understand his needs/pains...

5. Be sure that your customer will be available and in time  Next action date agreed and booked in both agendas Qualify nicely - Qualification Call Direct Contact with Decision makers • Confirm Budget and timing Benchmark competition • Is the customer looking for other solutions? • Prepare arguments

4. Qualify nicely - Hook Calls Out Bound Target a sector, Profile and list Prospects for cold emailing a nd cold calling  Prospects do not know who we are  They may not know what a CRM/ POS/ WMS is  They may not even know what their pains are 30 Seconds to 1 minute to convince!!! Use it to share your expertise in the sector... Show that you know his business... Refer to others players in his sector... Share their pains/core problems... Raised customer’s curiosity to hear how we have helped them sol ving it... Give interest to his own business and processes... Use exploratory questions to understand how he manages his busi ness... Ask him as many question as you need in order to understand his own needs/pains

2. Qualify nicely - Profile Inbound The Customer has been on www.odoo.com  He knows who we are but do we know who they are?  Contact details: Name, email, company...  Google it: - Website - Linkedin - Facebook - Twitter  Who is my prospect?  What does he do? Outbound  Profiling is the really first stage

7. Qualify nicely - Qualification Call Translate into Odoo Standard  Avoid specific Development  Translate Business Scope in Standard Odoo Business Scope  Does Odoo solve customer’s pain?  Present Benefits instead of features Feel free to say No... ...But propose alternatives  Avoid complexity – Deploy 1 app & expand  Must Have vs Nice to Have  Development  GAP Schedule a demonstration

9. Design, Structure & Present A good QUOTATION  No surprises  Perfectly aligned to customers needs - Qualification  Be Clear  Odoo Maintenance Contract / Services  Odoo Customization Services  Consulting Days  Development  Data import Manage expectations – The offer

6. Listen more than you talk  Make your customer talk about his business  Who?, What? & How?  Do not interrupt Identify & Understand Business Scope  Use exploring questions & key words  Be sure you understand all his process/business from A to Z  Identify pains and core problem • Why? Why? Why?... • Identify costs behind pains Qualify nicely - Qualification Call

8. Prepare your Demos o Do not show more than needed o Keep focus on the essentials → Business Scope and Pains o Make it personal • Import some client’s data → customers, suppliers, products • Reproduce customer’s Workflow Trigger an offer immediately after the demo TIPS: o If other solutions  prepare arguments  try to be the last demo o Structure your demo o Q&A at the end Qualify nicely -Demo

15. Conclusion Ensure a perfect Qualification  Do not talk yet about Odoo  Keep asking questions as long as the business scope/needs are n ot clear for you  Be assertive, challenge your customer  “nice to have” vs “must have”  Doubts?  Gap Analysis Demo: Show time Here comes the time to talk about Odoo but... Do not show everyth ing...  Once upon a time...  tell a story!!!  Focus on customers needs and nothing else!  Be prepared, make it personal  Constantly improve your functional skills The better your qualification is:  the better your demo will be  the clear and precise your offer will be  the better you will manage customers expectations  the shorter your sales cycle & higher the conversion rate will be


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