Demo mode for Enterprise Subscriptions

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This document explains you how you can keep your local test/demo/dev/staging/... instances by extending them for 1 month at a time, using your Partnership reference.

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1. For Odoo Partners: Demo mode for Enterprise Subscriptions Phuong Luu January 27th 2016

6. Registration succeeded o Confirmation message displayed, with the new validity date

8. Registration failed o Possibility to retry or report problem to

9. Hide the warning message o Possibility to hide the warning message for 24h (e.g. for a demo at client’s side)

7. Demo instance confirmed o Once the partnership reference registered, a message confirming that this is a demo DB is displayed

10. Demo instance expired o After 30 days, the instance is not accessible anymore. Simply re-enter the Partnership reference to re-activate the instance.

5. Register the Partner code o Enter the Partnership reference and click on “Register” (if you don’t know your Partnership reference, contact your Account manager)

2. Purpose Allow Odoo Partners to use their Partnership contract reference to enable a “demo” mode and effectively extending the trial period for 1 month at a time .

11. Additional Info If you have any question or problem, contact

4. Requirement An updated version of Odoo 9 Enterprise is needed in order to benefit from this new system: - if installed from source code (GitHub), simply update the code (both odoo/odoo and odoo/enterprise) and restart the Odoo server - if installed from an Enterprise all-in-one package, upgrade or reinstall over the existing install. Any issue with this system =>

3. Terms of Use o System allowed as long as your Partnership subscription is valid o Applicable on as many local instances as you’d need o To be used for demo, test, sandbox, staging, ... environments only. Production environment should be registered with a valid Enterprise Code

12. Odoo +32 (0) 2 290 34 90 R&D and services office Chaussée de Namur 40 B-1367 Grand Rosière Odoo Apps Sales office Avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse 5 B-1160 Brussels Thank You


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