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Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2015

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6. We are interested and occupied testing the following modules : -Project Management - Intranet – CMS -Website –CMS - E-commerce - Recruitment - Appraisals + Talent Management -Events -Marketing - Point of Sale - Surveys - Manufacturing Near   future

4. ODOO v8 is in use since December 2014 for ordering It includes: - Restaurants -Products - Purchase and sale price lists - Suppliers - Purchase and delivery planning and exceptions - Procurement - Warehouse And we keep improving some aspects for simplicity of the users ODOO   v8

5. Preparing deployment of new modules : - Inventory System (with scanner) -Inventory - Supplier issues - Transfer of products - Product losses - HR module - Users (automated import from Securex data) - “Who’s who?” - Sales-forecast and ordering assist ance (for restaurant managers) Thanks to our ODOO Partners: : ODOO   v8

8. What if we had to choose again? Of course, we will choose ODOO again  Thank You Question   time

7. About ODOO : - We would not rush again for new version, but test gradually and implement a proven version. - We monitor closely the new version in order to anticipate what’s next and prepare our users to upcoming changes - Focus on keeping standard as much as possible first and change only what we really need to modify. - Use custom-made module only for what is important and specific for our core-business. About users : - In the beginning they are reluctant to change and you need to explain their gain to receive thei r very important support. - Then they need a good support. If any problem, a quick answer is your best bet. - They become your best promoter be cause they will like the product and ask themselves for new modules and features. Some   thoughts

2. EXKi around 80 restaurants: -Belgium, -France, - Luxembourg, - Netherlands, -Italy, -USA (new) Nature's Kitchen - Delicious recipes, fresh ingredients - Grab-and-go: eat-in or take-away - Natural (many organic ingredients) - Pleasure combined with wellness Ultra fresh products mean ultra tight supply chain and ... Stress-resistant Ordering System. Is it ODOO ? About   EXKi

1. June   4,   2015 EXKi   – Odoo Experience

3. Main purpose: Ordering System - 70 restaurants are using ODOO many times a day to order products - 140 users globally, including restaurants, offices, suppliers - About 1000 purchase orders per da y automatically sent to suppliers Steps: Open-ERP v6 - A lot of functions were custom-made by Taktik for EXKi - Internal analysis to extend the use of ODOO or not ODOO v7 was never implemented ODOO v8 - We were really expecting ne w version 8 to implement it - New development began based on beta version - New implementation was in test fr om Sept., we migrated in Dec. 2014 - It was a hard job but it was more a rebuild, not a migration EXKi   is   using   ODOO


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