Build Your Integrated Marketing Stack: A 360° Overview

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Joseph Wright - Marketing, Odoo

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11. Designed with Odoo CMS

12. SEO Optimization Metatag Indexing

13. SEA Management Google AdWords

15. Calls-to-Action (CTAs) Track & Optimize

16. Mailing List Management Track & Optimize

17. Mailing List Management Reporting

20. CRM Integration Connect Sales Teams to Prospects

21. Live Chat Connect w/ Leads in Real-Time

24. Events Build Your Community

25. Blogs Share Your Story

26. Survey Request Feedback

29. Helpdesk Delight Customers w/ Exceptional Service

7. The importance of first impressions (2006)

9. The importance of first impressions (2016)

30. A customer-centric business will always ask: “What else can I offer to empower my customers?”

4. — Andrew Grove (Former CEO, Intel) “How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood.”

28. Delight Customers 5 ● Promote Retention Through Exceptional Support Service Helpdesk

32. Thanks, #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016 Joseph Wright • Marketing Strategy (Odoo Americas)

1. Build Your Integrated Marketing Stack A 360°Overview Joseph Wright • Marketing Strategy (Odoo Americas) EXPERIENCE 2016

14. Outbound Marketing 2 ● Calls-to-Action (CTAs) ● Mailing List Management Mass Mail

31. Begin promoting your brand & take charge of how your visitors , leads , and customers experience your service! all begins here!

19. Lead Nurturing 3 ● CRM Integration (Sales) ● Live Chat Live Chat CRM

5. Marketing & Design Drive Success Do you produce quality content? In a world of countless choices, various brands, and complex customer needs, the quality of your product must speak for itself. At the end of the day, you need to give your potential customers a clear and definitive reason to “ click here ”

6. Landing Page 1 ● Design Quality ● SEO (Keyword Indexing) ● SEA (Search Engine Advertising) Website

3. Attract Convert Close Delight Even your most loyal customers started out as strangers. Consider this when introducing your product or service. It is important to not only attract strangers to become visitors, but also to attract the right people. Who is your target audience? What will their first impression of your business be based on your design/branding? Lifecycle Marketing Attract :

18. Attract Convert Close Delight Your visitor has now seen your product, but awareness is only the first step. In order for a visitor to become a lead, they must first express interest in your product. What value do you offer them? How do you initiate active communication? Consider your lead acquisition strategies and focus on your sales funnel fluidity. Lifecycle Marketing Convert :

22. Attract Convert Close Delight Your visitor likes your product/service, but are you the best choice for them? The buyers decision is the most sensitive part of a customer lifecycle and should be carefully managed, nurturing the lead until they decide that the value of what you offer is the best choice for their needs. You adapt to your customers! Lifecycle Marketing Close :

23. Increase Conversions 4 ● Hosting Events/Promotions ● Blogs/Customer Testimonials ● Survey Customer Needs Events Blogs Survey

8. The importance of first impressions (2006) 2 Fonts In Logo Messy Navigation Solid color background Lots of Content w/ No Common Theme

10. The importance of first impressions (2016) Clean Nav. Menu Clear CTA Low Profile Testimony Content Demo

27. Attract Convert Close Delight Very few businesses can survive with one-off sales. On average, the acquisition cost of new customers is 10x more than the retention cost of existing customers. Ensure a positive UX for your customers and they will continue to do business with you for years to come. Identify their needs and actively seek feedback, they will be your best resource for learning how to improve! Lifecycle Marketing Delight :

2. Landing Page (Odoo CMS) 1 Outbound Marketing (Odoo Mass Mail) Lead Nurturing (Odoo CRM/Live Chat) Increase Conversions (Odoo Events/Blog/Survey) Delight Your Customers (Odoo Helpdesk) 2 3 4 5


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