Bug fixes, security alerts, support and migration services

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

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by Aurore Lesage

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14. Some numbers:

3. Introduction 1

5. Support & Bug fixes 2

16. Security Alerts 3

18. Upgrade Service 4

20. Conclusion 5

13. Some numbers: Most of tickets are firstly analyzed by functional consultants before going to the technical team.

15. Support 24/24, Still a dream? Or finally happening?

23. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

6. Support Tickets lacked a lot of useful information & proper structure . www.odoo.com/help

7. Online Support Form Sign In to have the required information already pre-filled. And be as complete as possible to avoid long email exchanges.

22. Our missions are to ● Satisfy the needs of our customers and partners ● Improve their business experience with Odoo!

1. Bug fixes, security alerts, support and upgrade services Aurore LESAGE • Functional Support Coordinator Richard MATHOT • R&D Developer & Saas Migration Services EXPERIENCE 2016

12. QUALIFICATION PROCESS FEEDBACK Step 4: RATING Not yet in production, but after the Odoo Experience we will launch the rating option. We focus on building the perfect customer experience. Tickets’ journey

2. Introduction 1 Support & Bug fixes Security Alerts Upgrade service Conclusion 2 3 4 5

11. QUALIFICATION PROCESS Step 3: FEEDBACK Step 4 When an answer is sent, your ticket will go under the stage “Cust. Feedback”. If we receive no answer after 7 days, your ticket will automatically be closed. If a reply is sent, we put the ticket back to the right stage or we close it by moving it to the “DONE” stage. Tickets’ journey

21. ● SUPPORT SERVICE will assist you in your daily use of Odoo ● BUGFIX SERVICE will allow you to have the best user experience ● SECURITY ALERTS will prevent you from external threat ● UPGRADE SERVICE will keep you aligned with the latest version ⇒ to help us providing you the best service, we need your help! www.odoo.com/help

8. Information Needed: ● Odoo version ● Database name / contract reference ● Detailed description of your issue: ○ Steps to reproduce ○ Current behavior ○ Expected behavior ● Printscreens / videos

9. Step 1: QUALIFICATION Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 We well received your ticket via the support form ( www.odoo.com/help ). !! If you inform us about the kind of problem you encountered, your ticket will be qualified automatically according to your selection. Otherwise, your ticket will be qualified manually according to your issue and your contract. Ticket’s journey

10. QUALIFICATION Step 2: PROCESS Step 3 Step 4 According to your issue’s description, your ticket will be managed by the right team: ● ADMINISTRATION ● FUNCTIONAL ● TECHNICAL ● BUG FIXES ● UPGRADE Tickets’ journey

19. Online Version Enterprise Version ● Through the form www.odoo.com/help ● Automatic for minor “saas” versions ● On demand for major releases (8 → 9) ● Test db first ● Let us know if there are customizations BEFORE starting ● Price: included ● upgrade@odoo.com ● Price: included

17. Enterprise Version Online Version 1. Details privately shared with security@odoo.com 2. Analysis by Security Team 3. Correction and review 4. Security Advisory privately broadcast to Enterprise Subscribers (Automatic notification based on Contract status) 5. Public disclosure after 2weeks delay to let customers upgrade ⇒ You don’t have to do anything, we’ll do it for you! ⇒ More info on https://www.odoo.com/page/responsible-disclosure


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