Barcode Scanner for your warehouse: Advanced workflows and configuration

Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Gabriel Demmerle - Business Analyst

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3. Quick Overview 1

7. Main Concepts 2

12. Getting started 3

18. Use Case 4

20. Conclusion 5

22. — Franz Kafka Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.

23. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

4. Boost your productivity. ● Quickly encode and find Serial Numbers, Pickings, MO’s, Products, Customers,... ● Use mobile devices to get Odoo where you need it.

6. Standard interface ● Searching for records ● Entering data

1. Barcode Scanner for your warehouse Advanced workflows and configuration Gabriel Demmerle • Business Analyst EXPERIENCE 2016

16. Set location barcodes ● Inventory ‣ Configuration ‣ Warehouse Management ‣ Locations

15. Enter your product barcodes easily ● Inventory ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Configure Product Barcodes (or through the planner)

11. Manufacturing and Work Orders A Manufacturing Order (MO) can be triggered by a route and can contain one or several Work Orders which will consume the specified materials to produce the finished goods. Like the picking view, these views have been optimized for barcode scanning.

21. Barcode Scanner & Odoo WMS/MRP . ● Easy to set up with standard technology ● Can be used in many different transactions ● Advanced “out-of-the-box”-flows already configured ● Flows can be easily customized with advanced routes

2. Quick Overview 1 Main Concepts Getting Started Use Case Conclusion 2 3 4 5

19. Create SO Receive Materials Produce Deliver Assign Serial Number Use Material SN Assign Product SN Deliver Product SN 2-steps reception / QC Use Case A manufacturing company needs full traceability on its Make-to-Order products. The materials for these products have to go through a Quality Check.

10. Pickings and Serial Numbers The Picking can entirely be done with the barcode scanner: ● Scan the printed Picking to open it in Odoo ● Scan the the first item to transfer ● Scan its Serial Number/Lot ● Repeat until done ● Transfer the Picking

17. Use barcodes to control the interface ● Edit ● Validate ● Save ● Print ● Cancel ● Next/Previous Page ● ... → These barcodes can be accessed from the barcode app as Admin

13. 3 supported types ● USB scanner ● Bluetooth scanner ● Mobile computer scanner (running an embedded browser) Scanner Settings ● No prefix ● CR or Tab as suffix ● Delay between characters < 50ms ● Same keyboard layout as your keyboard Barcode Scanners

14. Settings Checklist ● Installation of following apps: ○ barcodes ○ mrp_barcode ○ stock_barcode ● Configuration of the scanner ● Configuration of the barcode nomenclatures ● Warehouse and Routes configuration ● Picking Type configuration (if the Picking Type permits to create new Serial Numbers or only select existing SN’s) ● Product configuration (Barcode, Routes, SN’s, BOM’s)

5. Barcode optimized views ● POS ○ Products ○ Weights ○ Customers ○ Loyalty Cards ● WMS ○ Pickings ○ Inventory ○ Serial Numbers ● MRP ○ Manufacturing Orders ○ Work Orders

8. Barcode nomenclature They define how barcodes are recognized and categorized. For example, it is possible to define a barcode pattern which will contain the product barcode and it’s weight. Definition on the barcode nomenclature: 21.....{NNDDD} Definition on the barcode itself (Product form): 21 12345 00000 If following barcode is scanned (POS): 21 12345 01500 → 21 is the pattern for a weighted product → 12345 is the product barcode → 01500 is the weight in the product UOM (ex. 1,5kg) Odoo will look for the first matching rule and apply it.

9. Procurements and Routes A Procurement is a need of a specific quantity for a specific product in a specific location. This need is fulfilled by a route. A Route is a collection of procurement rules and push rules. It’s the way followed by the product. a WAREHOUSE (WH) VENDOR CUSTOMER Stock Quality Input 1 2 3 1 Receipt move Transfer move Transfer move Deliver move Procurement 4 Procurement 3 Procurement 1 Procurement 2 (MTO-Route or Reordering Point)


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