A 360° Overview of the New Odoo MRP


Public Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Nicolas Pénicaut - Business Advisor, Odoo

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5. Next Generation MRP Software

7. Keep IT Simple

9. Create MOs directly from the MPS

14. Maintenance Requests

16. Efficient BoM and routing version m a n a g e m e n t

18. Next Generation MRP Software

22. Used and Loved By

23. Thank you for your attention

1. MRP, PLM, Quality & Maintenance Together at last!

11. Workcenter Control P a n e l Track Time Display Worksheets Register Production Integrate Quality checks In Process Alerts Record Serial/lot number

13. ! A worker triggers a quality alert

2. The average manufacturer might use as many as 10 different ap p l i c a t i o n s to run their business.

6. Manufacturing (MPS, Time clocking, MO) 1 Maintenance (request, MTBF) PLM (ECO, approvals) Quality (checks, controls) Reports 2 3 4 5

4. Planning & S c he d ulin g Pro c uremen t Logistics Asset M an age me n t IT Industrial E n g ineerin g Q u alit y Production C o n t r ollin g Maintenance M an age me n t Integrating different platforms is expensive, time consuming, and inefficient.

17. Checks at: • Intake • In - process • Post - process Communicate efficiently • Send Alerts toWorkers • A t I n v ento r y & m a n ufac t urin g l e v e l Quality Control Plan

15. Engineering Change Orders Approvals: (manufacturing orders) Cu s t o m iza b l e workflow Deploy easily • By role • Comment or blocking • N PI • Worksheet updates • Versioning • Trigger alerts for the manufacturing (next MO)

12. Record work operations on tablets: • Record productions • Display worksheets • Time tracking • Quality control • Barcode support • Trigger issues Manufacturing

8. Automate scheduling: • Master Production Schedule (MPS) • Minimum Stock Rules • Make - to - Order Manage planning: • Gantt Chart • Capacity planning and a d j u s t m e nts P la n

10. Set time manually: (industry standard) • Requires time clocking every operation • Static, does not evolve with the process Operation Durations Compute real times: (Odoo innovation) • No time clocking needed, evolve with the process • Based on average & standard deviation

3. A typical IT stack. M R P Q u a li t y A cc o un t in g M a i n t e n a n c e PL M eP r o c ur e m e n t After Sales Inventory

19. MRP • Costing • Traceability • Time Tracking • Inventory Forecast Maintenance • Overall Equipment Efficiency • Mean Time Before Failure • Mean Time to Repair Quality • Statistical Process Control • Root Cause Analysis • APQP • PMEA PLM • ECO Statistics • Versions Control (e/m - BoM) And great reports...

20. Overall Equipment Effectiveness R e c o mm e nd e d Six Big Losses Unplanned Stops Availability Loss Planned Stops S ma l l Stops Performance Loss Slow Cycles Production Rejects Quality Loss Startup Rejects OEE Fully Productive Time O E E Recorded from operations on the work center Tab let


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