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** الشركة السعودية الوحيدة التي فازت بجائزة "أفضل شريك اودو في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا" لعام 2019. وقد تم ترشيح اودوتك 4 مرات للحصول على الجائزة من عام 2018 إلى 2022، وهو أطول شريك ذهبي في المملكة العربية السعودية **

اودوتك هي مجموعة من الخبراء المحترفين والودودين الذين حصلوا على عديدة في عالم الأعمال. لديهم شغف دائم بفهم أهداف الأعمال وحل المشكلات باستخدام البرمجيات وخدماتها.

Jeddah - Riyadh - Khobar

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 OdooTec is a group of wise and friendly professionals who went through myriad business situations and are passionate about understanding business objectives and solving business issues using application software and services.

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Abdel hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani & Sons Co.
تعد مجموعة شركات عبد الهادي عبد الله القحطاني وأولاده أحد الشركات الأوائل في الصناعة والتوريد في أوائل الأربعينيات مع نمو الأعمال التجارية وتوسعها اصبحت ذو سمعه ممتازة في السوق ساعيه الى تحقيق النمو والتطور. بوجود فريق كبير من المهنيين المؤهلين تأهيلا عاليا والمتفانين الذين يديرون الأعمال
Abdul Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani & Sons Group of Companies is one of the first companies in the industry and supply in the early forties. With the growth and expansion of business, it became an excellent reputation in the market, striving to achieve growth and development. Having a large team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals running the business
AbdulAziz Almodhy Law Firm
Abdul Aziz Al Mudhahi Law Firm and Legal Consultations is a local Saudi office that is focused on the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, moving towards globalization in order to serve the economic, commercial and civil base.

We integrate the provisions of Islamic Sharia and the approach of modern international legal practices, and keep pace with distinguished and innovative legal services and solutions with high professionalism, provided by Abdulaziz's office Al Mudhahi Advocates and Legal Consultants through the main office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and our many allies in the Middle East, the European Union and the United States of America.

We offer an integrated set of professional legal services in accordance with the principle of transparency, sustainability and distinguished expertise of lawyers and legal experts.
Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel & Sons Co.
Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel EST. Established in 1984 single-handedly by Sheik Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel It was started by acquiring with worldwide known brands, HACH-For Water Quality and CHEMSEARCH -Industrial Maintenance Chemicals and ever since then as per growing market demands for Water Sector in the Kingdom, more product lines have been acquired as a comprehensive organization offering more products for Lab requirements.
Abdurahman Albader Sons for Trading and Construction
Abdurahman Albader Sons for Trading is a company which operates in multiple fields construction, oil & gas, in addition to maintenance & operation.
Ahmad M Al-Dossary Co.
AHMED S. MOHAMMED AL-DOSSARY & PARTNER CO, Industrial support services group is
one of the leading private sector firms in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group has been
operating since last 13 years, making it also the” land mark of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The company mission is to provide & satisfy customer’s expectation by ensuring that only
the highest level of services are offered in the most professional and dedicated way as
possible. We look forward for full co- operation and support from our valued customers.
Al Kam Telecommunication and IT Company
Virtual Vision (V2) is a business technology company with the primary objective of applying technology in a purposeful manner that results in a business benefit for customers. Established in 2006, V2 is a market leader in Cloud, managed and professional services, and general IT solutions.
In 2018 we launched V2 Cloud as a Public Local Cloud Service to provide Saudi Arabia and the Middle East companies with Saudi Cloud and local hosting services that meet their needs. A Cloud that is easy to use but at the same time provides powerful underlying computing power with an approach and tools that channel that power most effectively.
Companies in the Middle East require granular, redundant, and secure services, regardless of their size or business area. As a result, the demand for reliable Saudi Cloud services is growing fast, but V2 brings its flexible public V2 Cloud platform in Riyadh just on time with solid support to be an authorized Saudi Cloud Service Provider by CITC and Certified as Class (C) By CTIC, The highest Class rating for Cloud Services Provider.
Al Mousawi Company for Trading & Contracts

Al Mousawi Company is one of the leading contracting companies in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. They have made available a number of services with Saudi Aramco and other industrial sectors. Al-Mousawi company does business very straight forward.They have done high quality services and provide all customers with professional approaches; They are reliable and competitive with their pricing. It is the way they have managed to grow and develop their business over the years.
Al Osais International Holding Company
Group of companies active in petroleum services and car parts trading
Al Osais Transportation and Road Construction
شركة العسيس للنقل واعمار الطرق
Al Rajhi Ekhwan
Al Rajhi Ekhwan Group was established in 2010 AD as a closed joint stock company with its headquarter in Riyadh. The company practices investment activities in many sectors including Real Estate development, Industrial Development and Saudi Stock market through strategic ownership of shares in leading joint stock companies. In addition, the company has various investments within and outside the Kingdom in compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
Al-Amoudi Group & Partners Co
Abdul Latif Saeed Al Amoudi & Partners Group is one of the largest national successful group of companies with 65 years of experience in various fields. From its first day Al Amoudi Group had a vision, mission and ambition to support and contribute effectively in the development of Saudi economy with all its different sectors and fields.
Customer Experience (CX) has never been so important

At AlasilaCX, we provide the perspectives, guidance, and tools you need to create a next-generation, personalized customer experience and deliver at scale.

As early leaders in the field of customer experience management in the Saudi market, we drive the planning, design, and delivery of innovative, differentiated customer experiences. At AlasilaCX, our teams provide leading customer experience solutions that build on deep knowledge and advanced technologies.

In the years to come, we will continue to expand our industry thought leadership, while leveraging strategy, creativity, and technology to create experiences that customers love. We will, therefore, continue to be a leading global customer experience improvement company that delivers significant and measurable business results for the companies we serve.
Aldella Food Production Co.
Aldella food production company produces a variety of processed chicken products that are carefully prepared in fully-automated production facilities.

It is our objective to supply the market with consistently high-quality products and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction every day through creative innovation by a committed and enthusiastic team.

We place a high value on agility and flexibility to deliver superior customer service providing individual solutions to each customer by supplying products with unique features, benefits, and first-class services.
Almonir Modern Company for Marketing Services
Almonir Modern Company for Marketing Services
Alrobaya Holding Co. for General Contracting
Al Robaya Holding Company expert in Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Piping,
Electrical and Instrumentation fields and specialized in Digital Control System (DCS)
Installation & Replacement works.
Al Robaya Holding Company is a mechanical or industrial engineering company
based out of Saudi Arabia, Al Robaya Building, 66, Al Ghasak Street, Abqaiq, Saudi
Alyamama Investment and Real Estate Development Co.
ALYAMAMA Investment and Real Estate Development Co. is a Saudi joint stock company starting doing business in 2007 with issued capital of Five Hundred Million SR and the company business was concentrated in investment And Real estate development fields. Within few years from its launch, the company achieved continuous growth and successes due to its firm base of financial and intellectual abilities as well as accumulated experiences among its founders and cadres of high competence. Its competitiveness and pioneering in the marketplace were enhanced by its firm commitment to quality standards and all services and solutions it places in the fields of investment and Real estate development that were crowned by success and as such gaining confidence and satisfaction of its clients (companies, establishments, businessmen, investors and individuals)
AMNCO provides comprehensive civil security services for both government and private entities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AMNCO has achieved Consecutive successes and gained good reputation in the Gulf Region because of its acquisition of the security sector and the transfer of funds through its leading services over 34 years.
AMNCO provides security consulting, risk assessment and security solutions for private companies as well as civilians who wish to secure their facilities and employees and clients to enjoy the highest levels of security within Saudi Arabia. AMNCO was established in 1405H (1984), as the first Saudi company licensed to work in the field of security. Batik Investment and Logistics took ownership of the company, the number of AMNCO employees has reached more than five thousand and five hundred employees. And the number of branches in the Kingdom has reached 19 branches.
Basic Engineering Company
Basic Engineering Company (BEC) is a leading contracting company specializing in design, build and construction.
BEC provides a high level of Electro-Mechanical services including supply, install, service, upgrade, maintenance of Electro-Mechanical Systems & Networks, and Equipment.
BEC had attained a strong reputation in the field of Electro-Mechanical contracting with excellent commitment, sustained growth and stability, professional management with high quality of work, on time and within budget.
BEC constantly makes genuine efforts and puts merited performance to match the construction demand and remain in reckoning. In addition, we thrive in an environment where collaboration, individual accountability, and technical innovation are challenged every day demanding new scenarios and lead us to glory and a position of pride.
Cash Solutions Co. Ltd.
Cash Solutions is a leading provider of end to end cash management with sophisticated tailor made solutions that cover the entire supply chain for central and commercial banks, CITs and corporate
Dussur Al-Nadi Trading Company for Building Materials and
Contracting Limited Liability Company
It sells wholesale and retail building, electrical, lighting and sanitary
Headquarters Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Northern Borders Region, Arar,
Al-Musaidiyah Distrect
Domathah Trading & Construction
Domathah Trading is a Saudi based company located in Riyadh, deals
with the import and export business. With all the experience Domathah holds from
their years of experience, Domathah ensures to deliver industry best practices to its
clients and you will surely end up looking for a perfect partner in the industry.
Multifaceted online platform for e-commerce and online services that include auctions and trade license aid.
Eastern Yields
It is one of Al-Tamimi Holding Group, an investment company that aims to finance small companies with the purpose of expansion and growth as well as to benefit from its accumulated experiences in the investment and operation to improve the performance of companies in its investment portfolios.
Enjaz Al Sharq

We remain true to the same principles on which our company was founded over the last decade:

Providing superior service to our clients, putting safety first, delivering exceptional work, fostering innovation, acting with integrity, and strengthening our communities. These tenets unite us as one company, and guide every aspect of our business.
Great United Co.
Providing a high level environment for women and children with new concepts in the world of Equestrian and Entertainment. - Riyadh - KSA
Hammad & Al-Mehdar is a regional law firm, founded in 1983 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. With over 35 years of experience, Hammad & Al-Mehdar is considered one of the leading law firms in the region.
Hand in Hand NGO
Hand-in-Hand is a program initiated by (إيدينا مع بعض للتأهيل); a non-profit organization located in Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt is a developing country with a relatively high number of amputees. Due to the high cost of available prosthesis and the prevalence of low income and indigent communities in the country, many people are unable to afford any prosthetic device, which lowers their quality of life.

Our aim is to enhance the lives of the Egyptian amputee population through providing them with 3D printed prosthetic devices for free.
IYA investment Co
IYA investment group owns several leading companies in the field of livestock with accumulated experiences extending since the mid-sixties of the last century. The start was the establishment of a project to produce table eggs and a factory to produce feeds, which is among the first projects in this field in the region. Thus, the group expanded by establishing huge feed factories and in different regions of the Kingdom.

IYA investment group has also expanded in the poultry industry by establishing projects for the grandparents of chicken meat and layer breeders to support the increasing demand from eggs and chicken meat. The group has also invested in the field of feed additives and the manufacture of feed premixes by establishing one of the largest and most modern feed premixes factories in the region, in addition to establishing the latest laboratories specialized in food and feed.

IYA investment group has also given wide attention to the supply chain for the feed sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by importing, trade-in grains and storing it by providing huge warehouses for storing grains and feedstuffs and providing an advanced transportation fleet.
King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue
An independent national institution which seeks to strengthen channels of communication and dialogue between Saudi citizens and the different elements and institutions of Saudi society to establish and disseminate the culture of dialogue in society, discuss national issues which affect the life of the Saudi citizen and take part in the development of the nation through enabling the participation of different groups, intellectual tendencies and social institutions through the mechanisms and mediums of dialogue. It also works to spread the culture of dialogue and establish it as a norm for general conduct on the levels of the individual citizen, the family and society at large reflecting adherence to, and pride in, the Islamic religion. This, in turn, will serve to strengthen the concept and values of good citizenship as well as reinforce the security and unity of the nation.
MSJ Security Systems
M.S.J Security Systems (Manakh Shebah Al-Jazeerah) was established in 1991 and is owned by Al-Ajlan Holding Co. which provides integrated Security Systems, Solutions & Services throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. Being a leading security solution provider we serve all government, commercial & private sectors. MSJ has branches and offices in most major cities of Saudi Arabia that constantly works on building a foundation of trust and credibility to achieve more success and progress.
Mafaza Foods Company
Mafaza is a company that owns a group of distinguished brands in the food industry, restaurants and cafes, through which we aim to provide highest standards, inspired by the international style, with a touch of the Arabic, Saudi style.

Ermine factory provides the interesting promise of crispy macaron’s shells and a soft ganache that looks almost liquid, an undeniable balance in mouth. Concerning the different flavors proposed, their taste is very powerful.

Samra is a space that collects delicious sweets and foods in general, presented in a style that celebrates the art and the elegance of the neo-baroque style. It’s a space for creating and sharing the happy moments with the Arabic style.
Makkiyoon (Real estate, Urban, Developer)

Makkiyoon is a renowned real state urban developer based in the holy
city of Makah. Spanning over 20 years of experience in creating unique residential and hotel projects for the holy city visitors and for Saudi Arabia in general.
MedNet Global Healthcare Solutions
With more than 20 years of experience in the market as well as the knowledge, resources, backing and
stability of a globally leading reinsurer, MedNet is ideally positioned to support insurers in mastering
tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. MedNet is a member of Munich Re's health division.
MedNet Global Healthcare Solutions LLC
Ticketing system for Mednet UAE
Mednet Kuwait
Ticketing system for Mednet Kuwait
Mednet Qatar
Ticketing system for Mednet Qatar
Mednet SPC
Ticketing system for Mednet Oman
Mohammed Bin Laden Company
The history of Binladin begins in 1931 During the Kingdom’s early years, under the reign of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Mohammed Binladin founded the Mohammad Binladin Organization as a general contracting company. Binladin’s history and growth intertwined with that of the kingdom’s ever since. As Saudia Arabia prospered, developed and became active on the international front, the company’s activities expanded from road works and constructions to diversified activities with numerous offshoots worldwide
Odootec's branch in Egypt
** الشركة السعودية الوحيدة التي فازت بجائزة "أفضل شريك اودو في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا" لعام 2019. وقد تم ترشيح اودوتك 4 مرات للحصول على الجائزة من عام 2018 إلى 2022، وهو أطول شريك ذهبي في المملكة العربية السعودية **
اودوتك هي مجموعة من الخبراء المحترفين والودودين الذين حصلوا على عديدة في عالم الأعمال. لديهم شغف دائم بفهم أهداف الأعمال وحل المشكلات باستخدام البرمجيات وخدماتها.
Jeddah - Riyadh - Khobar

054 942 9582

الرياض riyadh@odootec.com
جدة jeddah@odootec.com
الخبر khobar@odootec.com
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مناطق المملكة المختلفة ksa@odootec.com
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دول العالم world@odootec.com - http://www.odootec.com​


OdooTec is a group of wise and friendly professionals who went through myriad business situations and are passionate about understanding business objectives and solving business issues using application software and services.
Pop City LLC
Popcity is the home of the most unique popsicles in town.

They opened in Lebanon in 2014, and have since expanded to operate in the UAE and Egypt as well. In just a few years, they have sold hundreds of thousands of pops to countless smiling customers.

At Popcity, they produce healthy, fresh and delicious treats made from premium ingredients, without any additives, artificial flavours or colours. They offer a range of delicious products to suit every audience, and they even create custom products for one-off events, weddings, and corporate functions.
Proteina KSA
Providing the finest meat products to our customers in the Middle East with the highest guaranteed quality
We always strive to be one of the leading exemplary companies in the Middle East in producing local meat and then marketing it in order to contribute to the upgrading of the Saudi economy through improving performance and quality management so that we have a hand in local food sufficiency within Vision 2030 under our wise leadership, may God protect them.
It was named Proteina due to its association with the element of protein that is formed inside meat and a thousand after that, to make it the first source in the Kingdom and the Gulf, and then the Proteina Food Company was established in the production of meat in late 1993 AD, in Al-Kharj Governorate, where the production capacity began with 360 heads per year, and its goal was to strengthen the local Saudi market by providing quality The high level of red meat, and thanks to God, and then the hands of those in charge of it joined hands, the production reached 16,000 head in the year 2020
RFID Canada
RFID Canada is a leading technology provider with 32 plus years experience in providing solutions including passive and active RFID (radio frequency identification) and NFC (near field communications).
Repaira Tech
Repaira is a general maintenance company specialized in equipment services, based in Riyadh and planning to expand across KSA
SAWAEED for business services is the first and foremost in operating the most important employment support programs under the umbrella of The Human Resources Fund (Hadaf), and since 2019, it has become a model Unique to the company that is able to blend world-class expertise and methods with National goals and vision to empower national cadres in the labor market in the private sector
Shada Homes
Shada Homes is a deep-rooted Engineering Company. Established more than two decades ago located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Specialized in strategic real estate development projects for short and long-term investments in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.
Solaiman Abdullah Elkhereiji Consultants
Solaiman Abdullah Elkhereiji Consultants (SAK) which is a consulting firm of Architects and Engineers with an experience of more than 40 years in this field, has its Head Office located in Jeddah, branch offices in Riyadh, Madinah, Al Khobar, Cairo, Milano and site offices in Makkah, Rabigh, Dammam and Taif.

Our multi-disciplinary firm provides a complete spectrum of services essential in the field of architectural and engineering design consultancy, Construction Site Supervision and Project management.

SAK is prequalified with various Private and Government Organizations, which includes various Ministries, Universities, Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu, King Abdullah Economic City and various other Economic Cities, Economic City Authority, MODON etc.
Stogo Logistics Services
Stogo logistics Services is a leading logistics and warehousing company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With over 50 years of experience, Stogo has been a proud partner in the development of the Kingdom and has established itself as a reputable name in the region.

Stogo’s expertise in warehousing, rental, logistics, commercial, and other various sectors has allowed the company to become a trusted 3PL provider in the region. stogo currently boasts a total of 80,000m2 of space in Jeddah and Abha, enabling the company to offer end-to-end logistics solutions for its customers.
Sulb Al Jazeera
Aramco approved, ISO certified, Sulb Aljazeera Concrete (SAC) is a major and highly renowned business organization established in 2013, it is a family owned and operated business that design, manufacture, supply and erect precast concrete in wide variety of construction projects throughout Saudi Arabia. The company actively responds to the market demand while following the country’s call towards industrialization and global competitiveness. 

SAC has been instrumental in spearheading the use of state-of-the-art European technology. Our factory is located at the 3rd Industrial City, Eastern Region - Dammam with core products of precast/ pre-stressed Hollow-core roof slab, Solid slab, Wall Panel, Precast/ Pre-stressed Beam, Precast Column, Pre-stressed Double Tee slab, Boundary wall, and a wide variety of Infrastructure precast concrete elements from Precast Box culvert, Manhole/Handhole for electrical, sewage, and telecommunications structures to the Light Pole Foundations, New Jersey Barriers.  
Teyf Al Asema
Management is the foundation of our business.
Teyf Al Asema Company is a main property management and real estate services.
Our customers incorporate people and corporations.
At Teyf Al Asema we take a big measure of pride in an occupation well done and
satisfied customers and tenants.
Tool Mounts Canada
Exclusive Canadian distributor for Performance Advantage Company ( PAC ) products in Canada.

TMC is a full service provider for a broad line of tool mounting systems and unique specialty products for premium mounting of your valued equipment. The PAC product line is used in the Fire, Police, EMS, Municipal, Landscape, Towing and Utility business segments around the world.

Please feel free to reach out to our solutions team for any requirements you may have or visit our Dealer’s list for local support and supply. Many of our dealers keep product in stock for quick delivery. Most products deliver within 2 weeks or less.
Wishah Alwatan
We offer our services successfully to our customers in different sectors for long-term contracts. We are looking forward to the future and seeking uniqueness. Our goal is to keep up our development and values in achieving our strategy. We are members of many international associations and representing international companies to expand our success and increase our customers.

Our Mission

To provide the highest standards of security, military equipment and k9 services relaying on our long expertise in the field of security guards, training of working police dogs for explosive, narcotics, weapons, mine detectives, search and rescue, attack, Anti-riot and facilities guard.

Our vision

To be a distinction in security guards, military equipment and police working dogs (K9) services. Working in a professional manner in the line of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 to provide highest standards of quality for our customers and support the safety and security needs.
In 2007, Zinati was established as distribution & retail chains operating cosmetics and hair care products, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During these years, the company expanded and realized a lot of achievements through various activities in and outside of Saudi Arabia. These activities made the company one of the well known and reputed names in the business community, not only in Saudi Arabia but also

شركة متخصصة في استخراج وصناعة العود النقي من الدرجة الأولى والذي يُستخرج بشكل مستمر من غابات جزر إندونيسيا الجميلة.

تمتد رائحة العود الطبيعي الخالص إلى آلاف السنين، من الحضارات والثقافات والمجتمعات المختلفة مع الإحساس بالتاريخ والذكريات الأصيلة التي تثيرها هذه الرائحة الغامضة.

هي رائحة تنبع من اشتعال واحدة من أكثر المواد الخام النفيسة ذات القيمة المعروفة للإنسان. إنها كنز غالبًا ما يُقدّر ويُثمّن بأسعار أعلى من الذهب.

منذُ ما يقارب القرن من الزمن، وعائلة الدليمي تسعى إلى جلب هذا الكنز إلى العالم العربي. واليوم، فإن ثمار تلك المجهودات، شركة البخور الذكي، تطمح إلى أكثر من ذلك وهو أن تمتد إلى كافة أنحاء العالم.
شركة الراجحي للبناء والتجاره
Alrajhi Construction and Commerce company has a vast history of full development of residential properties in several locations around Saudi Arabia, starting from villas, townhouses, compounds and ending with towers, for rent and sale.
شركة الطاهي المبدع للتدريب
An specialized academy for food and cooking training based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
شركة اولكم القابضة
OllKom Group is leading a group of companies that provide e-commerce solutions in the GCC, its integrated capabilities encompass all aspects of the e-commerce value chain covering IT solutions, online store operations, digital marketing, customer service, warehousing, fulfillment, and last mile delivery. Ollkom’s main goal is to empower leading brands to grow and thrive in the digital economy in the GCC region. This is achieved via providing comprehensive solutions to empower businesses to execute their digital strategies and sell their goods online, or by offering specialized solutions to assist with their e-commerce operations. Rooted in the evolving digital business, driven by technology, the company digs into each area of the e-commerce supply chains makes customized solutions for brands, and builds communication bridges with partners’ brands customer.
شركة بنون وفنون للمقاولات والصيانة
BWFis a diversified group of Saudi companies. Established in 2000, the past tow decades have seen our business grow from a modest civil-works firm into a fully ledged general contracting corporation with a sizable portfolio, strong financial position, and building long-term partnerships and earning the trust and loyalty of our clients in the process. These are being serviced by our strong workforce, each of whom is a specialist in their respective fields.
The group has bolstered its reputation by adhering to international standards and developing rigorous quality management systems in its business sectors. We have also established rigorous procedures to ensure the safety of our personnel – as a result, errors are minimized, and projects are delivered on time and within budget.
Ultimately we meet, then exceed, our clients’ expectations. The success of the business is further underpinned by our world-class engineering, administrative, and technical teams who utilize cutting-edge technology, equipment, and integrated support services. We are now investing in the future so that we can introduce the latest technology and knowledge to the Kingdom. This will allow us to harmonize with the objectives of Vision 2030: a striving economy, a vibrant society, and an ambitious nation.
شركة علامات فريدة التجارية
بي سيواچ ، علامة تجارية سعودية تملكها شركة علامات فريدة التجارية ، و هي شركة سعودية ناشئة رائدة في مجال الكماليات و التجميل و مستلزمات الصيدليات .

و تراهن علامة بي سواچ علي جودة المنتجات و بأسعار الجملة .
غرفة الإحساء
تأسست الغرفة التجارية بالاحساء بموجب قرار وزارة التجارة في العام 1402هـ، وتعد النواة الأولى لمسيرة النماء والعطاء للقطاع الخاص في محافظة الاحساء ، وقد أنشأت غرفة الاحساء لتكتمل هذه المسيرة مع زميلاتها من غرفة المملكة ولتحقق عدة أهداف أهمها خدمة قطاع الأعمال وتحقيق آماله من خلال رعاية مصالحه ورفع آرائه ومقترحاته إلى المسئولين والمختصين في الدولة ليصل إلى أعلى مستوى من الأداء مستفيداً من الفرص والإمكانيات المتاحة ويشارك بفاعلية في خطط التنمية التي تضعها الدولة , وكذلك إيصال التعليمات الصادرة من الجهات الرسمية إلى هذا القطاع ليكون أكثر تنظيماً وفاعلية ، كما ان الغرفة تسعى جاهدة إلى تقديم أفضل الخدمات في مجالات التجارة والصناعة والسياحة على حد سواء لخلق فرص إضافية لدفع عملية التقدم للقطاع الخاص ، وذلك في إطار إستراتيجيتها لخدمة القطاع الخاص في محافظة الاحساء من خلال إداراتها المتخصصة المختلفة.
مؤسسة تنمية الغطاء النباتي
لرؤية غطاء نباتي مزدهر ومتنوع يعزز الاستدامة البيئية ويساهم في جودة الحياة.

توفير الممكنات وتنفيذ البرامج وتعزيز الشراكات لتنمية الغطاء النباتي الطبيعي واستدامته ومكافحة التصحر.

حماية الموائل :
تنمية الغطاء النباتي الطبيعي وزيادة مساحته وحماية تنوعه ورصد مظاهر التصحر وتطبيق الإجراءات والمعاهدات للحد منه الإدارة المستدامة للغابات والحد من الأثار السلبية للأنشطة البشرية والعوامل الطبيعية الإدارة المستدامة للمراعي وتنظيم الرعي والمحافظة على التنوع النباتي وإعادة تأهيل أراضي المراعي المتدهورة بناء القاعدة المعرفية ووضع المحفزات اللازمة لدعم الأبحاث والابتكار واستخدام التقنيات الحديثة في مجالي الغطاء النباتي ومكافحة التصحر
المساهمة في تنويع الاقتصاد:
تعزيز الشراكات مع المجتمعات المحلية والقطاع الخاص لدعم تنمية الغطاء النباتي والانشطة الاقتصادية المرتبطة به الإدارة المستدامة للمنتزهات الوطنية والمحافظة على مكوناتها الطبيعية وتنمية بنيتها التحتية
تعزيز القدرات:
بناء القدرات البشرية والفنية في كل من مجال الغطاء النباتي ومكافحة التصحر
مكتب خارطة الطريق الادارية
يعتبر مكتب خارطة الطريق الادارية رائدة في مجال الإستشارات المالية والإدارية وتطوير الأعمال في السوق السعودي، حيث تضم فريق من المحترفين الحاصلين على شهادات علمية ومهنية دولية، وخبرات فنية تصل إلى أكثر من ٢٠ عام، وتستخدم أحدث الأساليب والحلول التقنية والمهنية في تقديم الخدمات الفاعلة في مجالنا.