Ace Gas & Supply: Fueling Business Operations with Odoo

Location/Region: Littleton, CO

Industry: B2B supplier/distribution

Apps implemented: Sales, Inventory, Purchase, eCommerce, Website, Accounting, CRM

Number of users: 4

Company size: 5

Hosting type (On-premise or Odoo online): Odoo online

Gasoline is a common, everyday product. Car owners fill up their tanks with gas at the gas station, home cooks make dinner on their gas stoves, and families barbeque on their gas grills. The gas industry is enormous and ever-present in America, making room for many niche areas that gas companies can focus on.

Ace Gas & Supply, based in Littleton, Colorado, is a B2B gas and chemical supplier for the cannabis and hemp industry. The gas and chemicals that the company sells to these businesses are used in their extraction process, allowing them to purify the cannabis or hemp. Ace Gas & Supply specifically sells high-purity propane—a higher grade of gasoline than what one gets at a gas station—as well as chemicals such as hydrocarbons. 

Founded in 2019 by Dominick Silveira, Ace Gas & Supply is a small company that continues to grow into more and more success. Dominick previously worked in the packaged gas industry, and while he was there, he noticed a need for more companies that supplied gas to the cannabis industry. Today, this industry only grows more popular, as does the demand for gas and chemicals to aid in its processes. As a result of its growth and demand for its products, Ace Gas & Supply began to feel the limitations of its previous software and turned to Odoo for a comprehensive business solution.

Running on fumes with a disconnected, piecemeal approach 

Like many small businesses, Ace Gas & Supply previously used a piecemeal system of applications to manage its business operations. The company used Quickbooks in combination with four to five other applications for CRM, scheduling, internal communication, and customer service purposes. This piecemeal approach fell short of what the company needed, Dominick explains, due to the lack of connection between applications and the lack of capabilities they provided:

[Our previous system] was miserable. Nothing was streamlined. It was bouncing around from app to app. It really just became unreliable in the sense of making sure that things were done and done appropriately.

Although this lack of connection across platforms was a pain point for Ace Gas & Supply, the real breaking point came when the company opened up a second location in Oklahoma. Their old system simply couldn’t provide the connectivity that they now needed:

"It became almost impossible to track inventory in two different locations."

It quickly became apparent to Dominick that Ace Gas & Supply needed all of its workflows, such as inventory management, to be under one system. His top priorities as he began his search for alternative software solutions were communication between applications, the ability to track assets, and an easy user interface for his employees. It ultimately came down to Odoo or Netsuite, Dominick explains, but one experience in particular gave Odoo the edge over its competitors:

Honestly, it was our sales guy [Brandon]– his confidence in the system and the capabilities of it. Once we did a demo, he kind of blew me out of the water with his confidence. He said, ‘Oh yeah, easy, I’ll call you back in an hour, and I’ll have a demo put together,” and he did it. And then he started walking around all the capabilities within Odoo. It exceeded any expectations I had from that sales call.

Once he decided on Odoo, Dominick explains that the implementation process was fairly easy since the company wanted a “clean slate.” Therefore, there wasn’t a lot of information to transfer over to their new database.

Fueling the future with Odoo’s integrated software

Ace Gas & Supply has been live with Odoo since the Summer of 2023 and has already found that the software has streamlined its business operations and “opened our eyes to things we didn't know could be more automated.” Dominick is excited about the fact that he continues to learn new things and capabilities within Odoo and feels as though the company is barely scraping the surface of what Odoo can do for it.

Dominick particularly appreciates that all of Odoo’s applications communicate with each other and that information is accessible from several different, related applications. This is a huge improvement from the company’s previously disconnected system, comprised of platforms that didn’t talk to one another. This integration is particularly necessary to manage inventory across both of Ace Gas & Supply’s locations.

With Ace Gas & Supply being a relatively small company, Odoo has proven to be the perfect fit—simple, efficient software that has the potential to grow alongside the company as it continues to find success.

“If I was giving someone a recommendation for Odoo, I’d say this…[it’s] a great resource for a small business looking to expand and wanting a system you can grow into.”

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