Separation after confirmation of the SOs on the same PO

Anais Bodson (abn)


I'm working on V14: Here is my issues. I work with MTO route and dropship route. When I have several SOs with the same vendor and I confirmed them, it creates me a unique PO for these several SOs. I would like to seperate the SOs and don't necessary have them on the same PO. Does anyone know how to do this ?


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Gilles Merckx (gme)
Best Answer

In order to create an RFQ by SO when products are configured in MTO, you should follow the following procedure:

  1. Enable multi-step routes in configuration (if not yet done)

  2. Go to the "Buy" route in inventory

  3. Activate debug mode

  4. Select the rule in the "Buy" route and change the field "Propagation of procurement group" from "Leave empty" to "Propagate". You need to do it on the "Buy" route since it is the one generating the RFQs, after being triggered by the MTO route.

Now, the RFQs generated from the MTO route for the same vendor will be grouped together, as long as it is not confirmed into a PO. 


  1. If you have multiple warehouses, there will be multiple rules in the "Buy" route for which you will have to modify the propagation field.

  2. For dropshipping, the propagate is already set by default: this is because dropshipping would typically require to deliver from different customers, and so it makes no sense to group RFQs together.

Here is a video displaying this: