Advice for available resources and planning them


I have a pool of employees, not all of them active on a project. I would like to setup the system so that I have an overview of employees and when they are available and for what specific work / tasks. When I setup a new project and make a task that requires a specific employee, I would like to search through the available employees and their skills and assign them to that project task.

Current solution: I created a project called "Available Employee". Underneath I created several tasks by skill. In my pool I have 9 programmers and 3 software testers. For simplicity sake, all of them are now available. So I created 9 tasks called "Programmer" and 3 tasks called "Tester".

For this project I need 3 programmers and 1 tester so for the project created 3 "Programmer" tasks and 1 "Tester" task.

The nice way of setting it up like this is that I have one overview of required workers and available workers within 1 Gantt chart and I can use the nice search function.

The tricky part comes here: When I find a person available that I was to assign to a project/task, I would like to do so within the available person form. So I would like the click on the available person and with one click assign him/her to the project/task he/she is required for. So he/she would be assigned to the project/task and his/her current Available Task should be ended.

I guess this is not out of the box and has to be customized in the project/task module?

If anybody has any suggestion on how I could set this workflow up in another fashion I am all ears.

Thanks for reading this!