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Aloula for Financial and Accounting Studies
Aloula for Financial and Accounting Studies Vzdelanie
ALOULA Institute For Financial & Accounting Studies is an independent studies, training and consultancy Institute with a strong national development orientation. ALOULA conducts applied studies in the areas of financial markets, financial intermediaries and monetary and macroeconomics. It serves as a development spark for dialogue between international and national financial studies and practices, it offers specialized executive training and development. ALOULA cooperates with other international financial studies Institutes and is an active participant in international training and research networks. ALOULA training programs directed by academic experts aim to generate collaboration with students that research projects professional degrees of financial and accounting sciences and knowledge. ALOULA aims to be an active partner of policy making institutions in the financial community in Sudan. To facilitate this process ALOULA promotes a variety of initiatives, including conferences, workshops and seminars.
Nile University
Nile University Vzdelanie
Nile University is the nucleus and fastest growing point of ‘Nile College,’ an initiative spearheaded by Nile Higher Education Group (NHEG), Ltd. NHEG was founded in 2003 by a group of nationally and internationally recognized professors who hold consultant posts both in the Sudan and abroad.

The main thrust of the Educational Processes aim at what the acronym QCCC, which stands for: Quality, Competence, Confidence & Culture. Spelled out in more eloquent terms we aim at provision of Quality education with three major purposes in mind: first, Professional competence of our graduates who should have acquired personal as well as professional Confidence.
Purple School
Purple School Vzdelanie
Purple Cryon school aims to focus on provide a very friendly and welcoming environment, that believes in our younglings to achieve more because of security and value. Purple Cryon school philosophy is to develop and encourage inquisitive, knowledge driven minds from early childhood in a healthy, safe, discriminating-free environment. With a well-developed and trained teaching and administrative staff to reflect, self-assess and self-direct in order to achieve excellence.