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Airlift Technologies
Airlift Technologies Doprava
Founded in 2019, Airlift is building Pakistan’s largest public transportation network. Our mission is to solve the pain of commuting and making a positive impact on the lives of people. Airlift offers a safe, reliable and affordable solution for the masses. In 2020, we started Airlift Grocer to enable customers to purchase groceries within the safety of their homes and get products delivered in just 45 minutes!
With Airlift Express, we want to make online shopping safe, easy, and reliable

Client Since – 2021
Country Operating - Pakistan & South Africa
Odoo Enterprise - V14
Status – Live
Bykea Technologies BV
Bykea Technologies BV Doprava
Pakistan’s Leading On-demand Ride-Hailing and Logistics Service. A journey of building affordable technology solutions that address rampant challenges in the transportation, logistics and payments sector.
CGM Group
CGM Group Doprava
CGM Group a world leader in maritime and logistics, they offer the quick, safe and efficient transportation of goods. The group forge new routes to enable more sustainable international trade.

They come up with smarter ways of approaching the global supply chain, in keeping with the new challenges in markets. 

CGM Group now runs on Odoo implemented by Leaders Corporate Private Limited, the blend of consultants that Leaders Corporate selected for CGM Group consist of Chartered Accountants, Software Developers and Supply Chain Professionals.

Following applications are implemented at CGM:

 Accounting
 Invoicing

Leaders Corporate executed the project in following phases:

 Study phase
 Requirement gathering phase
 GAP Analysis
 Future processes derivation phase
 User Acceptance Test
Marine International Container Terminal (Pvt.) Limited
Marine International Container Terminal (Pvt.) Limited Doprava
Marine International Container Terminal (Pvt.) Limited ("MICT") was incorporated in 2008 as a terminal operating company. In order to further move towards the Marine Group's mission of fulfilling all the logistics service requirements of its customers and other importers and exporters, MICT has been geared towards setting up a container freight station and logistics distribution center in Lahore to cater to the logistics requirement of the industrial center of Punjab.
Pentaexpress Doprava
20+ years of experience in the Express courier industry, coupled with modern E-Commerce cross border protocols and operational superiority makes us an excellent choice as your logistics partner.

The greatest hassle for any E-Commerce entity is to provide for the logistical support, all it needs is a reliable fulfilment partner that can move an item from the point of sale to the customer. With about 23 years of handling logistics in Pakistan, Penta understands what it’s like to work on tight schedules and timeframes.

What we do best:
Dropship model
Dedicated customer support
Pan Pakistan delivery network
Swyft Delivery Solutions
Swyft Delivery Solutions Doprava
Swyft is a logistics partner for businesses in Pakistan and provides order fulfillment services.

Swyft aspires to reinvent logistics in Pakistan by staying a step ahead of its competition through real time tracking, digital payments that minimize transactional delays and by ensuring a delivery time of hours instead of days.
Trukkr Private Limited
Trukkr Private Limited Doprava
Founded in 2019, Trukkr is committed to reinventing the old school trucking industry in Pakistan by making it easier for millions of truckers to book a load and move at capacity, while ensuring shippers have access to the right truck, at the right time.