An Intuitive & Flexible Solution: Pixel Networks Automate Sales and Subscription Services with Odoo

Company Name: Pixel Networks Ltd

Location: Hong Kong

Industry: IT/Technology

Company Size: 10-49

No. of Odoo Users: 9

Hosting Type: On-Premise
Apps Implemented: Accounting, Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory, Sales, eCommerce, Website, Project, Subscription, CRM, Manufacturing

Established in 2018, Pixel Networks is a telecommunication solution provider that hosts international professionals in its Hong Kong main office. Specializing in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, it serves public institutions, electric companies, gas companies, and more businesses to build a smart city. 

Amateur Tools

In search of an efficient business management tool, Pixel Networks tried numerous tools. Finally, they settled down with Odoo for its accessibility and flexibility, allowing the sales team to focus on providing better customer service. 

Intuitive Design & Integrated Modules

Utilizing the Odoo Website & eCommerce suite, the telecommunication company is able to boost sales activities with a DTC (direct-to-customer) model. 

With its website builder integrated with the Odoo eCommerce with the backend, Pixel Networks can now access all customer and sales details on the Sales and Invoicing apps on the backend even via mobile devices. This way, sales immediately get hold of all sales records, including the products sold and order time, within one window once the system registers a new customer order. 

"One of the features of Odoo is that it's easy to use. This is important for a salesperson as it allows you to invest more time in our clients rather than on the tool we use.

Jacky Poon • Business Development Manager, Pixel Networks Ltd

Odoo Sales' intuitive design requires little to no training to master. Thanks to this, the sales team at Pixel Networks can, on the one hand, enjoy the boost in efficiency data centralization brought about and, on the other hand, dedicate more time to each customer, ensuring optimal service delivery. 

Flexible Odoo Customization

Nonetheless, Odoo Subscriptions has taken much responsibility off the customer services team's shoulders. With the automation feature, renewal invoices are intuitively generated when contracts are due. Customers will then receive an email notification attached with all papers needed to be reviewed and signed. Automated and accurate, these Odoo-generated documents save the team much time cross-checking and manually catching up on every account.

Also, owing to the easily customizable system with Odoo Studio, the telecom company can now set up general reminder emails to engage clients with seasonal greetings, special offers, and more personalized messages, creating more opportunities to understand their clients' needs.

The team also finds it easy to modify sales orders from the backend, for instance, adding a product to an existing order, with just a few clicks on Odoo, whereas it could be quite tricky on Salesforce, hence time-consuming. 

Optimizing Time and Resources

Odoo is a great help in terms of our subscription services!

Jacky Poon • Business Development Manager, Pixel Networks Ltd

In conclusion, the all-in-one business management system is an easy-to-use and flexible tool that optimizes your budget, time, and resources. Try Odoo for free today to empower your team with a more streamlined workflow!

Pixel Networks Ltd 

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