Odoo Education Program Arrives in Spain!

It's official, we have opened the department in charge of teaching Odoo in Spain. From now on we will be in charge of accompanying you in educational centers such as schools and universities to offer training in our tool.

The educational program has different objectives and branches, below we detail what each of them consist of so you can evaluate which one is more of your interest.


The visits consist of a face-to-face lesson from our experts. We go to the educational center and organize a class to learn how to use Odoo. This class will be guided both by an expert and by our educational game Scale-Up!

The operation could not be simpler, contact us and schedule a date and time. The only thing you need is to have an Odoo database, you can create it for free here and it will last for 24 months.

Following the instructions of our program, you will have a database to practice, investigate and play with the system without limitations. During the classes we will explain Scale-Up! to give you an idea of how Odoo works. Once the class is over, you will be free to use all the functionalities offered by the system.


This fun card game is the best guide to learn how to use Odoo. Both in digital and physical format, the game has different cards with objectives to complete. The objectives are linked to case studies to learn how to use Odoo and discover how a company works and the types of activities that can be found.

As in any game, we will find different difficulties, bonuses and actions to complete. With the educational program, we offer the assistance of an expert who will guide the class through the game and can assist in case of difficulties. Likewise, you have the possibility to download the game and venture to follow it on your own.

Distance Assistance

The educational program is not necessarily face-to-face, we can also offer you assistance telematically. Our education team will contact you to offer the necessary support. From how to create a database for the educational program, explanations about Scale-Up!, assistance with questions and troubleshooting.

Once you have contacted us or registered, we will contact you to offer you the different options offered by the educational program. We leave it up to you which type of support you choose, but don't worry, if you want to start with Odoo independently and later want an expert-led class we will come to you.

How an Odoo Class Works

When our experts come to teach an Odoo class following Scale-Up! everything will start with the creation of a database. Once created, depending on the needs, we will follow the game cards to understand how the system works and move forward as a whole.

Throughout the class, our expert will be guiding the students and, above all, helping them to understand Odoo. It is likely that the first time you use Odoo it will be difficult to get started, it is a tool with endless possibilities. In case of doubts, more complex configurations or getting lost among so many functions, you will count on the help of our colleagues from the educational program so that everything goes smoothly.

Teacher Training

The educational program also includes teacher trainings . These trainings include a series of formative videos in Odoo, with which you can learn how the system works and then be able to teach it.

This training has audiovisual material to get to know the program in depth, in addition to having a follow-up call from our team to resolve any doubts that may arise when learning to use Odoo.

In addition to online training, we also organize face-to-face training sessions for teachers. These sessions are focused on specific modules of the system, with which you will do an intensive training in the selected module and become an expert in it. The sessions are free of charge and we will organize them module by module so that you can attend the ones that are of most interest to you.

For more information about the educational program you can contact us directly at: education@odoo.com

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