Odoo Community Days: América Latina

When it comes to hosting exclusive, one-of-a-kind, super-informative, and all-around fun events…

…nobody does it like Odoo!

That’s right, Odoo-ers... 

September 11th and 12th
Odoo Communiy Days: América Latina 

Over the course of this amazing 2-day event, 
you simply won’t believe all the things we’ve got planned.

80+ Talks

Engage in live presentations
by Odoo Experts

30+ Exhibitors

Discuss your projects with
Odoo Partners

Lucky attendees will have the opportunity to engage in over 80+ exciting talks, where they can get first-hand information from prestigious Odoo experts. There will also be dozens of live presentations and demonstrations to enjoy throughout the event, as well. 

Not only that, you’ll also be able to meet with tons of amazing Odoo Partners and Odoo Community members to discuss your unique projects in-person – which will only help your business grow and grow.

Looking to brush up on your Odoo knowledge before the big event? No problem! 

September 9th and 10th

Advanced AccountingOdoo Technical DevelopmentManufacturing and InventoryPoint of SaleStudioWebsite & eCommerce

Feel free to sign up for one of our Smartclasses happening in the days leading up to the event, where you’ll get invaluable hands-on product training sessions with some of our most brilliant experts.

 ​​Register for a Smartcla​​s​​s​​

That way, you can really “hit the ground running,” and impress all your peers, with some seriously cool Odoo “know-how” just as the Odoo Community Days: América Latina event kicks off!

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Of course it does!

This annual get-together is tailor-made for current (and future) members of the illustrious Odoo Community, where you’ll dive deep into the world of Odoo knowledge-sharing, networking, and nothing but fun!

…and with over 10k+ registrations, this event is going to be BIGGER than ever!

Trust us, you won’t wanna miss out on this epic Odoo party!

So, what are you waiting for?

Register for your spot:

Odoo Community Days: América Latina


Can’t wait to see you there!

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