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Voxtron is a distinguished Odoo Partner with extensive expertise in implementing enterprise-level Odoo solutions across diverse business sectors. We specialize in delivering highly effective CRM and ERP solutions, along with a wide range of customer engagement tools that empower organizations to enhance customer interactions, streamline business processes, and improve revenue predictability.

With a track record of successful Odoo implementations, we enable businesses to seamlessly navigate CRM, ERP, and customer engagement complexities. Our commitment extends beyond immediate needs, creating lasting positive impacts on revenue and overall business performance. We stand out with our focus on swift response times and consistently achieving favorable customer outcomes.

Why Choose Voxtron?

Voxtron's Odoo proficiency spans the entire spectrum of the workflow—from consultation, design, and project management to implementation, integration, quality assurance, and post-sales support. 

Our team of seasoned Odoo professionals have extensive experience and the ability to facilitate the introduction of industry best practices and effective risk mitigation in implementation projects.

Key Voxtron Advantages:
  • Over a decade of expertise in end-to-end CRM & ERP solution implementations.
  • Client base of 250+ enterprises.
  • One-stop destination for custom Odoo CRM and ERP integrations.
  • Diverse team of highly knowledgeable industry experts.
  • Proficiency in multi-platform technologies.
  • Proven success in delivering medium and large-scale projects.
  • Noteworthy client loyalty spanning diverse market segments.

Contact Us: 

Website: www.voxtronme.com
Email: odoo@voxtronme.com
Call: +971 - 42930000


Almadallah Healthcare Management FZ CO
Al Madallah initially implemented an Odoo helpdesk and ticket handling system through a collaboration with another Odoo vendor. However, persistent challenges with ticketing and issues in email ticketing features prompted them to seek assistance from Voxtron. 

Voxtron's team swiftly addressed and rectified all concerns, optimizing the existing Odoo helpdesk and ticketing system to harness its full potential and align it with Al Madallah's business requirements.

The enhanced Odoo solution significantly elevated key performance indicators such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) levels, First Contact Resolution (FCR), time to resolution, SLA adherence, and ensured equitable ticket distribution based on agent workload and availability. 

The ongoing partnership with Voxtron continues to yield positive outcomes for Al Madallah, solidifying their position as an organization that prioritizes excellence in customer support and operational processes.
Cubit Technologies, a Dubai-based technology integrator with over a decade of experience in digital transformations, cloud services, and various technology domains, encountered operational challenges with their existing ERP system based on the Odoo community version 8. It lacked features and exhibited sluggish performance, apart from interface issues and operational inefficiencies.

To overcome these issues and propel the company into the future, Voxtron delivered a comprehensive ERP system based on the latest version of Odoo. This expansive solution includes multiple seamlessly integrated Odoo modules, covering CRM, lead and opportunity management, pre-sales, the entire spectrum of purchase activities, sales, project management, accounting, invoicing, and HRMS.

Beyond module implementation, Voxtron also executed a significant migration of 9 years' worth of existing data to the new system, including all masters & transactions, using innovative data migration tools and scripts. This unified solution not only addressed previous challenges but also brought about a dynamic transformation in operations. 

Cubit Technologies team now benefits from easy access to legacy data, streamlined workflows, improved processes, heightened employee productivity, and enhanced overall operational efficiency.
Dubai Limited Investment LLC
Almadallah Healthcare Management was conceived with the objective of completely taking away the administrative burden of self-funding organizations and health insurance companies.

They combine decades of knowledge with a forward-thinking and innovative approach to claims management solutions. They also act as a key intermediary that brings the three stakeholders of the healthcare insurance industry together, namely, healthcare providers, policyholders and insurance companies / self-funding organizations. Almadallah provides administrative services to these organizations by managing, servicing and processing their health insurance policies and claims.

Almadallah was desperately looking for a better ERP solution for managing the helpdesk team and their ticket handling. Luckily for them, Techbot introduced them to Odoo with an outstanding demonstration and showed them how Odoo can solve their problems. Almadallah was impressed with the possibilities of Odoo. They decided to utilize and achieve maximum productivity of their team with the help of a high performing system and the best supporting implementation partner.

Team Techbot put effort into implementing the Odoo system which met the fullest expectations of Almadallah with prompt delivery. So that the client is satisfied with the implementation and the reliability of Odoo.
MBG has replaced their old CRM with Odoo CRM to automate & streamline their marketing and lead management process and also to have deeper insights into their sales pipeline and customer data.
With the business experiencing substantial growth in recent years, Nails - The Modern Manicure Studio recognized the limitations of their Zenoti-based Appointment Management System and sought a more robust CRM solution. Voxtron implemented an integrated Odoo CRM and Helpdesk Contact Center Connector that integrates with their existing Zenoti system to automate appointment management, validate customers, and create detailed customer profiles.

Voxtron's Odoo implementation significantly improved customer service, reducing abandoned calls and resolution time. The feedback feature further supports agent training, elevating staff productivity, and overall customer satisfaction. Thus, Nails - The Modern Manicure Studio has achieved seamless ticket recording, improved resource allocation, reduced response times, and enhanced sales opportunities, highlighting the transformative impact of the Odoo CRM and Contact Center Connector by Voxtron.

Readymix Qatar
Before implementing Odoo, Ready Mix Qatar Group (a LafargeHolcim member) faced inefficiencies in asset & maintenance management. The outdated system lacked integration and manual processes such as asset tracking and maintenance were time-consuming. There was also excessive dependence on paper-based methods.

With Odoo’s implementation by Voxtron, Ready Mix Qatar Group underwent a transformative shift. The new unified platform streamlined asset management and maintenance, by introducing features like barcode/QR code generation for assets, depreciation tracking, and maintenance order processing. It improved data management and reduced manual effort. High-level features, including dashboards and reports, enabled the organization to make informed decisions based on asset performance and trends.
By centralizing critical information, Odoo delivered significant time and cost savings for the Ready Mix Qatar Group. This transition has empowered them to enhance asset management, resulting in notable time and cost savings.
Established in 1982 and licensed by the Central Bank in the UAE, Wall Street Exchange has been a prominent financial services provider in the UAE for over four decades. Operating under the names Wallstreet and Instant Cash, the company has multiple branches and diverse teams, catering to clients through both channels.

To tackle operational challenges and improve customer support for the organization, Voxtron implemented a robust Odoo Helpdesk and Ticketing system. The system adeptly captures inquiries, generates tickets, and allocates them to the appropriate department and agent, regardless of whether the customer contacts through Wallstreet or Instant Cash. 

Voxtron's Odoo solution goes beyond standard helpdesk features with real-time data recording and updates. It also included bulk data migration of the existing customer database to the new system, achieved through a specialized Odoo tool developed by Voxtron.

In addition to features like recording customer ratings, customized industry-specific fields in reports and dashboards, and ticket merging for multi-channel customer inquiries, this Odoo solution streamlined overall operations, improving customer service and data management across multiple channels.
Vismaya Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd
Vismaya Infotech, a leading IT company with a strong presence in Qatar and India, specializing in product engineering, business consultation, servers, and integrations collaborated with Voxtron to implement the Odoo CRM to efficiently manage leads and opportunities, with the custom addition of a milestone feature for enhanced project tracking.

Voxtron’s solution included automated invoicing notifications to streamline existing project management and generation of sales invoices at milestone stages or project completion based on configured settings.

Beyond opportunity management, Voxtron’s Odoo CRM also facilitates the creation of purchase orders against original sales orders for outsourced project components, allowing seamless mapping.

Vismaya Infotech now benefits from a unified platform for all lead and opportunity management tasks, with future integration plans extending to the accounts or finance module.