Sedo Iraq

Sedo Iraq


About SEDO

Sahara Economic Development Organization (SEDO), Iraqi nonprofit NGO with a legal personality means the relief, recovery, sustainable and development of vulnerable and marginalized groups. it's founded by a number of civilian activists on 1/7/2007 in Tikrit city, Iraq. SEDO work to support and enhancement of development in the civil society by coordination with stakeholders and international agencies to reach for all targeted groups. SEDO is fully independent and not supported or supported by any political or partisan party never.


A sustainable and just world for everybody.


A world in which every person attains the right to survival and development with dignity.


SEDO envisages a society where all stakeholders commit to humanitarian principles and good practice for effective and efficient assistance to vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Core Values

A) Humanity B) Impartiality C) Independencey D) Transparency E) Neutrality