Organic Arable Marketing Company LTD

Organic Arable Marketing Company LTD

Client Sector  - Wholesale grain distributor

Company overview - Organic Arable provide grain marketing services, seed supply and  technical and marketing support.  Whilst they are structured as a company they have the ethos of a co-operative as our primary function is to provide our farmers with the best possible grain marketing.

System used previously - Farm Planner + Sage 50

Reason for upgrading to Odoo - Organic Arable need to retain fully traceable records of grain from the farmers field to grain mills.   This requires a system allowing grain to be tracked by lots, additionally Organic Arable need to retain records of quantities of grain harvested and where harvested grain is currently stored, often this is stored on a farmers site.

A wide range of Odoo features, ranging from Supply Chain suite, Internal Operations modules to Email Marketing, are incorporated in this implementation to streamline operations such as calendar-based interfaces providing visibility of scheduled deliveries.