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MTL Companies
MTL Companies
M.T.L Group was founded in Mogadishu, Somalia, by the combination of businesses that offer products and services in many business sectors, including food staff and human foods, construction supplies, real estate services, and property management. We want to provide additional goods and services. We take pleasure in our work, so our clients can rest certain that only the most experienced and competent individuals are servicing them at all times. This allows us to keep up with the enormous demand of the market.
Our companies

MEGA Trading Company
Because we are here to a straightforward philosophy, MEGA Trading has developed a solid and healthy market trust over the past two years: Gain business trust.
One of the top distributors of building supplies, ABC Trading has supported and served the region's main businesses, traders, and contractors.

TAYO Trading LLC
Tayo has been importing food staff and human foods for the last two years in order to make top-quality items since modern customers prefer food that is healthier and more ethically produced. In order to satisfy those requirements, we work to bring purpose-driven businesses' nutritious goods as well as better-for-you substitutes for occasional indulgences. For different situations and times of the day, we provide a variety of options and solutions.

Landmark Property Management specializes in residential, commercial and block management and many aspects of residential and commercial property maintenance. Focuses on managing, protecting, and maximizing the potential of real estate assets