Al-Massala International

Al-Massala International

Al-Masala International Company is distinguished in providing legal services, differently from other legal companies

Contract Drafting

We draft local and international commercial contracts in Arabic and English. Our drafting of contracts is characterized by accuracy and clarity in order to preserve the rights and legal status of the contractor and find legal solutions by drafting them correctly in accordance with international best practices.

Legal advice

Our company provides legal consultations by providing legal advice or legal opinions and providing legal solutions on an issue or facts that may be the subject of dispute in the future.

Establishing companies

Our company provides you with legal information that helps in choosing the correct type of company, and then we carry out on your behalf the steps of incorporation and preparing, reviewing and amending the partners’ decisions.


Lawyers perform legal representation and appear on behalf of companies, institutions and individuals before the courts. Lawyers are distinguished by experience, knowledge, continuous learning and attention to the smallest details in legal representation before commercial, civil and criminal courts and arbitration bodies.

Trademark registration

Trademark and intellectual property registration service in Iraq under the supervision of an elite group of experts and specialists in law who have a long history in this field at the professional and cognitive level.

Registration of commercial agencies

Our company has a staff specialized in registering Arab and foreign commercial agencies

Legal translation

We provide legal translation service with high quality and professional performance. We are distinguished by our specialization in the field of legal translation and accurate understanding of legal concepts

Management of commercial, residential and industrial complexes

Al-Masala International Company has a specialized project management team of administrators, accountants, and specialists in the field of electronic and field marketing.

International issues

We provide legal consultations, studies, and legal representation to our local and international clients in litigation inside and outside the Republic of Iraq before courts or arbitration bodies.