The day-to-day of Functional Support Analyst

Meet Tala, a Functional Support Analyst in our Functional Support department. Tala’s day-to-day consists of creating leads through LiveChat, handling clients’ requests, and assisting all internal users while working from Odoo’s Dubai office. Discover more from Tala herself.

What does the Functional Support team do at Odoo?

A Functional Support Representative is responsible for multiple things like managing LiveChat, helping customers with any difficulties they face with the system, as well as reporting any areas of improvement within Odoo. 

Through LiveChat, we provide live support to our clients around the clock, whether it’s a request that has a quick fix or can be redirected to our business advisors or to our free ticketing service for bigger requests. 

Another large part of our day-to-day is Odoo’s ticketing service, in which we resolve issues that our clients face through a rigorous investigation process. Then, we either address their request functionally or redirect them to our technical team.  

What does a typical work day look like?

Mornings are usually reserved for LiveChat. I start my day by going through LiveChat to assist clients with any urgent requests that they have submitted. This helps me to plan which areas to focus on throughout the day.

Then, I tend to have daily team meetings to stay up to date with what’s happening internally and also to remain in touch with the main support team in our HQ in Belgium. 

In between meetings I usually work on investigating issues, connecting with our experts for advice regarding certain requests, and just getting to know the system more in-depth ticket after ticket. 

A big part of my job is learning to communicate the fixes to the customer, as well as understanding their issue to the fullest and providing them with the most comprehensive solution. 

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of being a Functional Support Analyst at Odoo would be having the opportunity to communicate with customers from all around the world! It’s fascinating to speak to customers from different cultural backgrounds and learn how to deliver my message in the best way possible. 

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