The day-to-day of Customer Success Manager

Meet Mira, a Customer Success Manager at Odoo’s Dubai Office. Her day-to-day life consists of working on strengthening the relationship with Odoo’s existing customers, helping them grow their business processes, and ensuring successful project implementation. Discover the ins and outs of the Customer Success Manager position from Mira herself.

What does a Customer Success Manager do at Odoo?

Customer Success Managers at Odoo are the pillars responsible for supporting the lifecycle of Odoo's valuable clients. After the client has subscribed to Odoo, we work on strengthening our relationship and handling their subscriptions. Customer Success Managers take care of all client requests, from database management to product demonstrations. We always aim to give our clients the optimal solutions to their problems in case any and ensure a successful project implementation whether through our direct implementation team or through our partner's channels. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients to expand their business processes and ensure their business is run successfully! 

I like to call our work process "an orchestration". 

What does a typical workday look like?

I wouldn't call our days "typical days'. Our days are never the same which is good as every day is unique and interesting.

My day usually starts with a lovely track on the way to work, which allows me to plan my priorities or the main things I would like to tackle on that specific day. I reach the office on a sunny day (all days are sunny in Dubai which I love! ) and it's either a chill morning where I get to check my emails or a sudden client escalation that I need to handle. In the mornings, we also like to have an internal team huddle to catch up on the latest updates and hear out new initiatives. 

Straight after that, I start my orchestration with the help of our one and only subscription module where I have full visibility of my pipeline and agenda. I reach out to my clients depending on their time zone to follow up on the current project implementation or answer any of the questions they have dropped by email or on WhatsApp. Moving forward, I deliver the needed demos to customers who asked about a specific feature or functionality. A big chunk of my day is dedicated to meeting clients face-to-face over coffee at Odoo or at their office. These meetings are important to hear out their opinion and future plans, brainstorm with them, and help them achieve the best out of their Odoo journey: success and growth! 

Meanwhile, in the background, I always try to find time to mingle with my colleagues, catch up on their life updates, and check up on how their day is going and the latest deals they have closed. This is absolutely part of Odoo's culture. 

After delicious lunch, I go back to the office refreshed, ready to smash the rest of the day and bring out the most value from each call I make, and of course, celebrate hitting our targets! Oops, in case I never mentioned, we are salespeople hiding under customer success Ninja costumes!! 

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favourite part of being a Customer Success Manager working in an international company is being able to multitask and use all my skills to serve multiple purposes! Alongside the exposure and knowledge we gain when dealing internally with colleagues and externally with clients from different regions, we are getting to maintain strong relationships with them while maintaining their trust in us and the company. Us solving their problems by listening to them, advising them, and providing a suitable solution, is what brings life to our days and to the business! 



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