Being an Account Manager at Odoo

Meet Arman Iqbal, an Account Manager at Odoo. Working from our Dubai office, Arman supports Odoo Partners by helping them provide Odoo as a solution to customers. Find out what it takes to be an Account Manager at Odoo from Arman himself.

What does an Account Manager do at Odoo? 

As an Account Manager - I equip IT companies with the tools and support they require to provide Odoo as a solution to their customers. 

This involves speaking to their prospective customers, identifying problems a business might be facing, and working with our Odoo Partners in providing the client with a suitable solution that meets both requirements & budgets. 

What does a typical workday look like?

To be fair, there is no typical day in the life of an Account Manager. There is always a new challenge or situation that arises and it's important to have the ability to be flexible and accommodate something that was not already on the schedule. 

That being said, I like to start my day off by checking in with my partners or responding to any queries they might have sent through. I usually align my demos or meetings after 12 pm - this allows me to prepare for them in the first half of the day. Following this, I dive right into the activities I have scheduled in the CRM for that day. 

In between all of this, I definitely try to squeeze in some time for a coffee run to the nearby Starbucks. 

What is your favorite part of the job?

Closing a new deal is my favourite part of being an Account Manager! It is usually a result of multiple meetings, roadblocks, and negotiations. Seeing it all materialize is very rewarding. 


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