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FL4/6 First Floor,Block 5,Gulshan-e-Iqbal near Shan Hospital main Nipa
75300 Karachi

                Quality is our priority

OConcepts provides you all-in-one business software which enhances your business, productivity, customer satisfaction, flexibility and provide more control in your business. We give you a complete solution for your business needs which help you to create a seamless flow of business practices, improved management activities and help your employees to do their jobs more
accurately and efficiently.

Our mission is to provide expert and professional services to hassle-free Odoo ERP implementation leaving room for growth and productivity. We believe that you should not adhere to your business process to match your Odoo implementation. The implementation should be adaptable to your business needs.

OConcepts deals with the development, customization, maintenance, and support of “Odoo ERP” with a wide range of modules including:
1. CRM.
2. Sale.
3. Invoice and Billing.
4. Accounting.
5. Purchase.
6. Manufacturing.
7. Warehouse and Inventory Management.
8. Project Management.
9. Hospital Management.
10. School Management.
11. Saloon Management.
12. Employee Management,
13. HR and Payroll.
14. POS.
15. Ecommerce and more.

We offer data migration solutions that give you the ability to transfer archived data to your choice of various platforms either o-premise or into the cloud.

We deliver an efficient implementation of customized ERP Solutions. A successful implementation can reap vast rewards in organizational strengths and efficiencies. We have learned from experience that the following factors are vital for success:
1. The interaction of technology and the organization.
2. User involvement and participation.
3. Commitment - an essential ingredient for success.
4. Planning - more able to be controlled by project managers than other success factors, and involving many critical components.
5. Risks - exist with every project but must be anticipated and managed in order to achieve success.
6. Training - on the job user training will be delivered during the implementation process to suit the particular needs of your business and staff.