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Global Intelligent Technology

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Global Intelligent Technology
1 Emtedad Abd Elhameed Badawy st, Sheraton
11799 Cairo

GIT is one of the biggest companies in IT services that operates in Egypt, Sudan, UAE, KSA and Australia.GIT provides a total solution to proceed in your business with effective and productive way by offering both hardware and software solutions . We providing support to more than 150 clients in the Egyptian market to achieve their business objectives by providing innovation , best in class IT consulting and high quality pre & post sale services. 


We succeeded in many frameworks including :

  • Manufacturing
  • IT Services
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • logistics
  • Real Estate
  • Poultry Production
  • Construction
  • Restaurants

And Much More ...


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Al-Fakhama for Arabic Thaub (Smartex)
Al-Fakhama for Arabic Thaub (Smartex)
A leading company in the field of Arab dress and Libyan in particular. The company has taken great strides towards leading the market of robes and Arab suit
Arab Poultry Breeders Co.Ltd ( OMMAT )
Arab Poultry Breeders Co.Ltd ( OMMAT )
Ommat Group is a leading group of companies in the field of poultry product production and marketing of in the Gulf region (Yemen, Egypt and Sudan). We stand proud of our achievements in our chosen markets, the customers we serve, and the partnerships we have built over the years. We are constantly striving to achieve more, while remaining true to our core values of caring for our staff, our product, and our customers. We firmly believe that our excellence stems from our staff loyalty, and their ability to constantly develop and improve their skills. This compels us to provide continual attention to their needs, and further their abilities and skills. Due to our unyielding goal of attaining and maintaining the consistently highest quality standard of products, Ommat has succeeded in adopting and implementing the highest standards of biosecurity at all of our sites found in the industry, and has become one of Ommat’s most distinguishing aspects in the industry. And as our customers are at the center of our interest, we work with them in a mutually beneficial partnership, and are keen to meet and exceed their expectations.
El Kamah Pharmacy
El Kamah Pharmacy
EL-KAMAH a chain of several successful pharmacists with the aim of providing the best services
to all its customers. The pharmacies offer a one-of-kind retail experience that is sure to cover your needs
and more, in an outstanding quality of service.
As well as offering both imported and locally produced medicines, we offer a wide range of beauty
products and skin care products to cover all of your pharmaceutical needs
Our staff is qualified to help you with everything you need, from prescribing a fitting medicine to cure
your symptoms and picking out the right product you need to helping you choose the best product for
your skin
Naseej by Mardini
Naseej by Mardini
Naseej By Mardini is a spin out company dedicated to selling upholstery textiles, with a 65 year experience in upholstery and curtain manufacturing. Naseej was formed to cater to a younger crowd constantly searching for fresh and fashionable textiles.
Shehata Tiers
Shehata Tiers
Shehata tires was established in 1940..Today the company imports & distributes Japanese, Korean & Chinese tires such as (Nitto – Toyo – Bridgestone) directly from Japan and dealing with global brands such as Michelin – Continental – Goodyear and developed the concept of frames in the Egyptian market and won a share of more than 50% of the market.