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erpSOFTapp Certified v11 Certified v12 Certified v13
With over 20 years experience in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Accounting industry, erpSOFTapp is run by experienced business and systems professionals who have worked for global clients in countries such as Nigeria, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Switzerland and Ghana. We consistently implement corporate clients successfully onto Odoo ERP Business Applications.

Best Partner Africa 2018, 2019 ...
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Prime Spectrum
Prime Spectrum Certified v13
Prime Spectrum Founded in 2001 as an ERP Company that Provides Consulting Services & builds, deploys and Support Technology Solution for Enterprise Clients Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Matt O'Bell Ltd
Matt O'Bell Ltd Certified v12
Matt O'Bell Ltd is an IT consulting services company with expertise in integrated business applications that help the effectiveness of both public and private sector organizations.
Our methodology maps the transaction flow cycles of any busines...
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MCEE Business Solutions Limited
MCEE Business Solutions Limited Certified v12
At MCEE Business Solutions, we deliver open, personalized and collaborative business solutions to all functional sectors of a business, including; finance/accounting, manufacturing, project management sales and marketing, human resource, point of sale, customer relationship management, develop and customize web applications and websites to cater for our client’s business requirements and much more. ...
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Metric Internet
Metric Internet
Metric Internet Limited was founded in 2015 with a mission to help integrate our ecosystems by building internet solutions that help solve day to day problems of individuals, government or corporate entitiesInnovation is at the core of our existence.
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Packetclouds Technology
Packetclouds Technology Certified v13
PCT is a proudly Nigerian technology innovation hub providing solutions to solve business needs We offer a wide range of technologies and business consultation services covering the whole business life cycle. A dedicated team of business analysts and technology consultants assisted by marketing and sales professionals offering an extensive portfolio for both private and public sectors. ...
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ERPWise Limited
ERPWise Limited
We have been working with Odoo since 2013 and have our specializations as well as partnerships to help provide turnkey solutions to our esteemed customers. ...
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Infoscert Consulting
Infoscert Consulting
Infoscert Consulting is a turnkey systems and technology integrator based in Nigeria with cutting edge solution offerings spanning across various industry verticals. Our team of subject matter experts are always working with our clients in achieving the project deliverables based on the project requirements.
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Lawrence Price & Company Limited
Lawrence Price & Company Limited
Lawrence Price & Company Ltd is a regional group of company with offices in Nigeria and Zambia. We offer high quality services across three difference subsidiaries; Business Solution, Capital and Advisory, Wealth and Investment.
Lawrence Price business solution company offers a cloud-based cutting-edge technology services completely built on automation and cross-systems integration. We have an ERP-CRM solution that can completely transform the overall efficiency and productivity of all businesse ...
Nakela Technology
Nakela Technology
Nakela Technology is one of the fastest growing Odoo in Africa. We transform businesses with innovative ERP solutions delivered by our Nigerian based, in-house consultants and developers, helping businesses operate efficiently and achieve competitive advantage.

We work with organisations of all sizes to address business challenges from organisational growth and operational transformation to cost management and market differentiation.
Noble Vanness Consulting
Noble Vanness Consulting
Noble Vanness Consulting brings more than 25 years of combined experience and best practice to the client. We have extensive knowledge in automated accounting/ERP systems and have a thorough understanding of business process analysis and software development.
Our involvement in ERP deployment cuts across different industries and business sizes. We can help you to define, design, implement, and customize Odoo, then train your team to ensure seamless adoption. Our core values are to keep the expe ...
Panoramic Synergy Enterprises (PSE) Limited
Panoramic Synergy Enterprises (PSE) Limited
Our organization PSE is world class Cloud, Infrastructure, Application and System Integration Services company in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.
Relational Technologies Ltd
Relational Technologies Ltd
Relational Technologies is an Odoo Partner consisting of a team of Consultants with extensive and varying practical work/ implementation experiences in the Public Sector (State Governments, Counties, Cities, Local Governments, Higher Education, and other governmental agencies and quasi-government concerns) and the Private Sector across a wide range of industries/sectors from Accounting, Auditing, Banking, Insurance, Engineering, Multinationals/ Conglomerates, Manufacturing, General Trading, Tele ...
Vascon Solutions
Vascon Solutions
VASCON Solutions is a technology company focused on Value Added Solutions Delivery in the Enterprise space and Information Technology
Consulting. The ultimate in consultation, skills diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations are the core strengths of VASCON Solutions Limited.

As a company, we are positioned as key solution consultants, developing strategic relationships with core technology providers.

Our core is of focus are Enterprise Application Development, Enterprise Res ...
XTRUCT Systems Limited
XTRUCT Systems Limited
XTRUCT Systems Limited is an Enterprise Technology Infrastructure and Application Solutions Provider. Our Portfolio offers solutions from the edge to the data center, addresses key requirement such as cloud solutions, Network Integration, Software Defined Networks, Application Performance management, Network Security, Storage and Servers.