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Methodoos Certified v14
Methodoos is a software company that brings 25 years of experience on ERP software and specialises in providing solutions for the hospitality and retail industries.Through our partnership with Odoo, we have been able to extend our reach to many more industries and develop solutions for a variety of companies.Odoo Enterprise Apps are continuously growing through worldwide contributions and we are proud to be part of this family, benefiting from the power of teamwork. This enables us to provide ou ...
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Connecting Dots P.C.
Connecting Dots P.C. Certified v14
Existanze #connecting dots was founded in 2005, we are a company with deep technical knowledge in a broad range of IT services, providing consulting services, systems integration and bespoke software development services across a large array of platforms and programming languages.
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Ever Business Solutions
Ever Business Solutions Certified v13
Everteam Global Services / Ever Business Solutions is an international software provider that brings about 30 years of leadership and innovation combined in Enterprise Resource Planning, Content Services, Process Services and Data Governance, operating directly for the market of Greece and Cyprus.
With its distinctive knowledge in advanced technology and conducted by its micro services architecture, Ever Business Solutions emphasizes on covering all business ne ...
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Lioncode Certified v14
Lioncode is a full-service web development firm. We provide erp-crm implementations, e-commerce solutions, web design, digital marketing and app development. We have vast experience in creating bridges that connect Odoo with many known e-commerce platforms. We also develop large projects from scratch. Our team is completely committed not only to providing internet services, but also to doing everything possible to get your business growing explosively.
At Lioncode, our customers are our most im ...
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