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Aoba Hopkins

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Aoba Hopkins
342 Kwun Tong Road, Hong Kong
Kwun Tong
Hong Kong

Aoba Hopkins has been serving the industry for over 15 years. We provide innovative solution to enable your business and to solve your strategic challenges!

Our solutions are built on CRM, ERP, Portal and Mobile APP platforms. Using these standard platforms, we then add enhancements for your industry. We have built solutions for Hospitality Rewards, Retail Membership, Association and NGO Operations, Event Promotion and Ticketing, Medical and Beauty, Online eShop Business, Insurance Brokerage and eBanking Portals.

Where additional functionality is required, we integrate with ready components like eForms, Event Ticketing, Online social payment, CTI Telephony, Marketing Campaigns, Social Media, Wechat and Support Desk.