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Alam Aldwaa E.J.S. CO

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Alam Aldwaa E.J.S. CO
367 AlSudan street,


Shaping the future of  Alamaldawaa  through rock-solid services, innovation, technology leadership and strong community collaboration.


Our mission is to deliver the highest level of service possible to clients and to demonstrate technology leadership that furthers the Corporates mission.


We aspire to five core values that underlie all information-technology activities at Alamaldawaa : respect, service, leadership, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.


We aim to deliver technology services with an underpinning set of principles: community satisfaction, technology leadership, staff development, fiscal management, and rock-solid services. Using these areas of focus, we guide technology decision-making and service delivery for the Community and corporates

Community Satisfaction - We deliver our services with consideration of the users, the Alamaldawaa community, not solely from only a technological point of view. When we select technology and offer services, usability and accessibility is a priority. We inform and involve the community in our decision-making processes.