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Re: Odoo 11 Enterprise price 5x increased - we should be realistic about free market

Brightwave LTD, Jesse Morgan
- 20/10/2017 19:52:43
You can't compare Odoo to WordPress.

Switching CMS software is something a company can do any time without too much pain. 
It's a relatively simple system and migrating of it is not really and issue - therefore lock in is minimal and wordpress doesn't bear so much responsibly for the client company. 

However an ERP system is complex and is definitely highly integral to the day to day operations of a client company, and switching to an alternative is not an easy task. 
Losing access or functionality has a very high cost to the client company and so the responsibility on Odoo SA for maintaining a highly supported,  stable, available system is high. 

On Oct 20, 2017 5:36 AM, "Mustafa Hamad" <> wrote:
Hello all

I really think that one should be careful and not throw allegations unless there is evidence. It is a very sensitive matter. This is especially the  case when employees of a company are involved.


Mustafa B. Hamas
IntelliSoft Software

On 17 Oct 2017 2:45 pm, "Didier Lacombe" <> wrote:
Hello All

This is simply a basic  and well known strategic move and may be we should not blaim for following the free market rule

let me explain :

The main cost on the ERP market is NOT the licence cost + maintenance fees, 

IT'S THE IMPLEMENTATION  PROJECT COST AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT COST (1 day of Python expert is around 100 -> 200 €, 1 day of ERP functionnal expert is around 300€-500€)- just to say on SAx it's between  800€ and 1000€

Some customer on some proprietary ERP (SAx) are in the case they are not even able to move to upgraded version, because  the cost OF CHANGE is too high for them  to support (data migration, specifics developments changes, interface changes, training plan, new web site design...)  so the strategic move  there is well known . it has 4 steps

to summum up :

1- Get a significant market share and make your customer difficult to switch to another ERP 

because your employee are getting used to and appreciate the solution they spent a lot of time and effort to learn
because of the COST OF CHANGES, (just think about new web site design)
because may be here is no contractual garanties, that you can get back your data in Saas environments, 
because your customer and supplier are linked in some way to the solution....(WEBSITE-Portal)
2- Develop services offering on this market (IE move to pay add on) - it's easyer to sell NEW PRODUCTS on a known market than to sell exsiting product on a NEW MARKET
3- Raise licence price
4- Raise maintenance price (SAx move from 15% to 22% in a few years)

There is a competitive answer to that:  let the free market find a challenge (Flectra????)..and above all use standard ERP feature, DO NOT use specific developments this is a trap customer are usually falling into.  Making its own specific extension is a trap that was the first selling pitch to sell ERP replacing home developments

Didier Lacombe
Former SAx manager
Tél  : 00 33 (0) 6 20 57 32 20


2017-10-16 16:30 GMT+02:00 Ermin Trevisan <>:

I do not question that Flectra is illegally copying Odoo Enterprise code (which is very disappointing, but fits in the whole obscure picture I got about Flectra), I'm very much wondering about Andreas' allegation that Odoo employees are contributing code/commits to FlectraHQ.

On 10/16/17 3:45 PM, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:
Where can I find code from Odony and/or other Odoo employees, which is
contributed to the Flectra repositories? I mean to the Flectra
repositories, not to Odoo repositories which were forked/copied (legally
and/or illegally) including their history?
I would really like to know.

Here is some examples of code, showing that Flectra is a derivated work of Odoo Enterprise.

They just copy-pasted Odoo Enterprise code and tried to obfuscate it.


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