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Andi Becker
- 20/10/2017 14:03:55
Hi Nigeria

There seems to be a general problem and a mess on the Odoo Apps Store as customers seem not to be able to figure out what theme is a legal theme and what not and the same applies to plugins. To often Enterprise Code which is sometimes illegal sometimes also only a copy from another MIT or other open Licensed source are integrated and get perhaps used. So as long as there is no way to do a proper comparison of the code with the actual Enterprise Code it is simply impossible to figure that out and customers who wish to have a Theme or plugin integrated from the Odoo App store might risk that they buy something which causes them problems legally later on. I would be very careful as the INternet seems to be full of all kind of Odoo codes and I am not sure if Odoo S.A,. really checks every single plugin/theme if the plugin/theme author has never read Enterprise code, even he is a partner or developer of them etc. 

We never read Enterprise Code and we are also no partner fortunately so I would suggest you buy only from non-partners of Odoo and people which are 100% ODOO CE driven - as this seems to be the only risk-free solution. There are a lot of companies out in the Odoo Univers which NEVER read the Enterprise Code as they are no partners, well they probably read it if they had to maintain an Enterprise site or got employees coming to them which were formerly working for a company which had Access to the Enterprise Code.

I would be very careful in using their Enterprise code in any site as if some code line is too similar to their Enterprise code they probably will lock you down, or block the plugin in any other way which they could end up in a total loss etc.

Only if you work with a Company which is NOT a partner and has never been an Odoo Partner you can be sure that those companies can't produce infringing code according to the definition given by Odoo for who will be able to develop their features without doing a copyright infringement.

Oliver Dony or Fabien - need to check again - stated once that only developers who have never read their code will be able to NOT Infringe their code. So I would say stay far away from any Odoo Partner if they provide you with their plugins etc. Especially when you need also a plugin which is perhaps done for an ODOO CE  installation but you hire an Odoo Partner which had access to the Enterprise Code.

Until now there seems to be no real check before upload if a module contains any code of Enterprise, or if it is secure or well coded etc. So you will find a lot of stuff like Nhomar mentioned in another Thread too which is a complete mess of code - he mentioned very well known Theme developing Company - I would say even the one with the most Odoo Themes and Plugins. As long as it is not really clear for "usual" simple Odoo CE or Enterprise Customers I would be very careful. 

I am not sure how that problem could actually be solved without closing down the Enterprise Code completely so that only actually those authorized by Odoo S.A. themselves would be able to read the Enterprise Code. Yes, it would be just the opposite of Open Source Software and what has been always promoted but I simply see no other way to avoid that Agencies which are Partner or which have been Partners, as well as Developers who worked ever for Odoo or one of those Partners, wasn't able to read their code. 

When Odoo was still 100% AGPL those problems did not exist at all as everyone who was using the code online had to share and make it available anyway, so all AGPL Code like provided by OCA and OCB should also be still 100% OK as long as the company which was developing that code has ever been an Odoo partner or a developer working for one of those Partners or Odoo themselves. Only Odoo Partners have "officially" access to the code but some companies decided and mentioned here on the mailing list that they are now no more a partner or have been "fired" or they perhaps weren't any more able to pay the Partner Fees or had otherwise problems which led to the fact that they are now no more an Odoo Partner.

Imagine only the following scenario which you already mentioned with that Theme or Plugin. If now your company is even selling it to a customer they probably will make you responsible for that theme or plugin. If now Odoo finds a code line or anything else that they think that a developer of that Theme or plugin has read the Enterprise code they perhaps delete that plugin theme form the repository - actually an easy case for them but a headache for your customer and for sure a huge headache for the company which has used such plugins and Themes as your customer has a contract with you and not one with Odoo. You won't even be able to reuse that plugin again or modify it etc as if they believe that it was done while reading the Enterprise Code or by a developer who was able to read it, you probably get fines or blocked or whatever too in a worst case scenario and you should really calculate ONLY with worst case scenarios when it comes to Enterprise Code as you are probably a nice and qualified company which is able to develop even their own plugins and Themes but as soon as you use probably one which has a connection to Enterprise I would simply stay far away from it. It is simply much too risky.

If your customer still wants to use that code you could perhaps ask Odoo S.A. to check all the code you are using and if that is contaminated by Enterprise code, but until now I would not even know a place at Odoo S.A. which would do that on a larger scale, as for sure you will not be the only one with the problem. It is also not really clear if they provide a checking service for your code if that Service would be 100% free of charge for you and your Customer.

So I can only repeat it again. Stay simply far away from Enterprise, a Partner (even former once) as they all read the Enterprise Code as they have access to it and might even run private forks etc to publish themselves Enterprise modules etc. I see only one chance to avoid that headache and that would be a complete encryption of the code so that nobody anymore can read that code - end of Open Source let's say it so. Additional things making it even more complicated is that even Odoo developers even write in their source code since years that they rip off other resources themselves. So you would need to check them too if that is a legal rip off as they even verify even in the code that they have read the code before they integrated it via copy and paste or well they call it "inspiration". As long as Odoo was AGPL all those smaller headaches for you and your customers likewise might grow to a huge headache if legal stuff gets up and running from whatever site who things that the developer of your module or theme was able to read the code.

If already mechanism would be in place successfully, then you would be informed on a regular base everytime a code gets uploaded to their repository and hopefully also completely checked for every single line.

As you mentioned those Themes and plugins already and all of them are still listed on the app store - not sure if legally or illegally. I actually would assume they are legal as soon as they get listed in the app store, otherwise it would be some kind of catching customers with false promises etc.

You mentioned:

Coffee Backend Theme v10

Q-Book Backend Theme v10

and read yourself the info on the Theme Fabien mentioned!

Coffee Child Theme for Odoo v10e+ Enterprise


It says in its description:
This module requires Odoo Enterprise Edition.
but just in the next line Odoo S.A. states in their Odoo App store the following:
Backend themes might not work with Odoo Enterprise Edition. Please read the description carefully and, in doubt, ask the author before buying.

So what are they telling you here: Perhaps something like; "Come on be so nice and by that Child Theme so you have to buy also the Mother Theme but we guarantee you that that Theme will work in Odoo Enterprise as long as you are not using it as a Backend Theme, as they might NOT work in Odoo Enterprise - which perhaps means that they could work in CE! instead. "
Now have a look to the Mother Theme and what that says to you!!!

Coffee Backend Theme v10

Backend themes might not work with Odoo Enterprise Edition. Please read the description carefully and, in doubt, ask the author before buying.

Wow so why is such a confusing stuff listed on a "professional and official" Odoo App Store if they can't even verify that the stuff they list as been compatible for Enterprise and Backend in their Name and description i.e. the Child Theme, which depends on the mother Theme which might not even work in Odoo Enterprise as it is a Backend Theme.

Wow - stay away from that store, stay away from any kind of involvement with Enterprise this is what I would suggest to you, as long as not even ODOO themselves can verify and guarantee that it contains only legal code and causes NO problem with Enterprise code etc. if a theme or plugin will work as front or backend or both etc.

And for sure those are not the only ones which could cause you legal issues with Odoo S.A. - It is very confusing that themes plugins or companies still appear even Odoo says they are blocked or use infringed code in it etc. Why are they still listed, why have they not been removed from search indexes i.e. Google Search etc? Does have Odoo S.A, an interest that those infringing plugins as the mentioned some of them - that they get still listed - good for SEO? bringing more false clicks etc to their site? I think it is a pretty unfair and a marketing method which is not at all customer friendly!

It would actually be a huge help for all companies if OCA would finally start their own shop and one requirement has to be that the publisher has never been able to read the Enterprise Code, which means he has never ever worked for Odoo S.A or an Odoo Partner or Developer which was able to access the Enterprise Code.

"You are of course legally allowed to create features similar to those of
Odoo Enterprise, but it must be done from scratch, not by using material
from Odoo Enterprise source code.
Please refer to your legal counsel if you would like more details on
copyright law and how it works with regard to software source code.

One way to be 100% sure that you are not violating Odoo S.A. copyright
is to have your features developed by someone who did not read the
copyrighted code."


Odoo Partners are listed here by the way: All of them have access to the Enterprise Source Code so keep away from them as suggested by Odoo themselves if you want to have a feature or a modification or a theme/plugin developed! The risk is very high!!! as I see it! As long as they provide you a standard Odoo Installation you are also on the same site, but then you probably also could go to Odoo S.A. directly, also this will bring you probably on a safe site, as long as OCA won't enforce the AGPL rules of their Modules and codes which have been integrated into an Enterprise Installation (if you are an Enterprise customer.) If you are a CE Customer you are on a very safe site with all OCA and OCB code as all of it seems to be AGPL! But also here make sure that the company which developed that plugin was never ever able to read the Enterprise Source Code!

I hope that helps a bit to avoid getting into trouble. I am actually not sure who actually gets the money when you buy a Theme on the Odoo Website and who is actually your business Partner - the Plugin and Theme Developer or is it Odoo S.A. but you could ask them and see if they would give you a refund and also money for the loss you have because that theme wasn't available as advertised on their webshop etc. or when you have bought and used it already and then they find code of Enterprise in it - off - headaches a lot!

I am not sure how many companies guarantee their customers and also Agencies who outsource development to them that they have never ever been an Odoo Partner and therefore been able to read the enterprise Source Code, but I am sure that there are a couple more which can guarantee that besides ours. Only with them you can actually be surer that they never intentionally read Enterprise SourceCode, but also they could perhaps integrate unknowingly Enterprise code into their plugins and Themes as it has been mentioned already here by Fabien and others there seems to be companies which make the Enterprise Source Code available and having a look to those links will show you that the code has perhaps already been forked many times and reappears under another name perhaps with even a license change in their header i.e. as AGPL then back in OCA or OCB in worst case scenario. Not sure if OCA is actually checking every single plugin too if it might violate the copyright of another module, theme, Enterprise Code or even other software code used in that plugin and module. But at least I would say going with an OCA Company which has never been an Odoo Partner would be the safest bet! Especially if they are also providing Hosting (some do that even for free and use of all CE Modules unlimited users) and perhaps even 

Kind regards

On Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 11:15 PM, <> wrote:

Thanks again Fabien,
But I am talking about this theme :

Actually for three of our client I also used this theme as it was on app center and there was no restriction in download or buying.
Kindly guide us on this.


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Friday, 20 October 2017, 05:05PM +01:00 from Fabien Pinckaers

I haven't check personally, but from the description of the Coffee theme, it's a theme that works

On Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 5:45 PM, <> wrote:

Thanks Fabien,

But one theme from the same vendor which was coffee theme I already bought a long before, and from Odoo app center only.
Can you plz tell me if now we can able to use that theme, (I am using Odoo community version-10)or not as that module also showing unavailable.

Plz need a response in it also if not then will that vendor return our money?

Friday, 20 October 2017, 04:20PM +01:00 from Fabien Pinckaers

You can not buy this theme as it's an illegal one. We removed this module for copyright

Banned modules for copyright infringement are not visible from the listing of modules, but
still visible if you have a direct URL, but an "Unavailable" button is showed instead of the regular
"Add to Cart" button.


On Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 5:05 PM, Odoo SaaS <> wrote:
Dear Odoo Team,
Not able to but this theme:

Kindly help.

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