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Re: New FOSS Odoo 10 modules: stock invoicing, MRP Order Edit, Task stock transfer, Task auto assign, hr_payroll_commission, pos_fixes

Karim Farghaly
- 20/10/2017 13:15:03

great job

From: Mohamed M. Hagag <>
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 3:25:58 PM
To: Community
Subject: New FOSS Odoo 10 modules: stock invoicing, MRP Order Edit, Task stock transfer, Task auto assign, hr_payroll_commission, pos_fixes
Hi all, I would like to announce the availability of Below Free FOSS modules for Odoo 10 at locations mentioned at the end of message: - dvit_stock_picking_invoice: full stock transfer invoicing for sale, purchase and refunds as it was in v8. - dvit_mrp_production_edit:
 allow editing BoM on production order and continue the production - we know the UX needs improvement ( replace the edit button and update order with a wizard) - dvit_project_task_picking: allow adding stock transfer (delivery orders) on a task and based on
 the products in the transfer the system will generate Manufacturing Order or Purchase order for the required products. - dvit_task_auto_reviewer: this will auto assigns the generated tasks (from sale orders) to the product manager on the product. - dvit_hr_payroll_commission:
 based on old simple module that totally re-factored and re-implemented, this will allow a company to pay commissions to employees based on the employee role (Sales person, sales team leader or sales Manager) and the commission rate integrated with payroll
 and payslip. - dvit_account_analytic_required: this is the same idea of OCA module with same name but for accounts instead of account type, so we can say that only transactions on the account called Rent must have analytic account. - dvit_account_partner_required:
 this will force partner on journal items that its account have reconciliation to avoid user error. - invoice_num2words: will print the invoice total in words in many languages - tested with Arabic and English - based on the python lib num2words. - pos_fixes:
 ported from our v8 module, will complete the stock accounting cycle on POS and will reconcile the invoiced POS orders marking them paid. - product_pack: an incomplete port of the great IngAdhoc product_pack module from v8 to v10 - but it's working fine in
 most cases. - product_pack_pos: handling IngAdhoc's product packs on POS - only fixed price packs support AFAIK . Modules are available: 1- for free from github repo: 2- for low price on the market **plz
 do not buy from the market till you are satisfied with the module** as the price does not include support nor bug fixes . Finally We would appreciate the community feedback about the idea and implementation of these modules. Regards,

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