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Re: Odoo 11 Enterprise price 5x increased - we should be realistic about free market

- 19/10/2017 07:12:04
Nhomar Hernández <> writes:

>   80% of the current work is opensourced for me it is unfair call that "  greedy* "

This might be true, but since 1998 I just use open source sytems, I
don't pay for any software I use, and now there comes odoo.  Of course
I'm shocked with that price.

For me this looks very strange, because there are much bigger software
packages which I mentioned allredy, which do not cost anything.  So of
course I guess, there is something wrong with odoos Marketing, if they
cannot put this as open source and free.  How does postgresql, python,
maybe also java, libreoffice, and so on, where everywhere is a company
behind too.  What is odoo making wrong at this point?


Thanks for your help!