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Re: Odoo 11 Enterprise price 5x increased - we should be realistic about free market

Akretion, Raphael Valyi
- 18/10/2017 05:54:38

On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 5:36 AM, Kristian Koci <> wrote:
This thread reminds me of a south park episode

Start Up
Cash In
Sell Out
Bro Down

Just kidding mates xD, Cheers

Hey Kristian, you got that wrong bro'. The South Park episode of Odoo getting shitty in the keynote this one:

All right folks, this is happening just like we warned a few years ago at the license change (you know some of you developers would become rich selling apps on the app-store and the quality of this appstore thing would make the users so happy, because you know after all VC's love having users...)

I would say Odoo SA is doing aggressive marketing like regular proprietary ERP companies. They target the same kind of folks that would get their hands dirty hacking something open source or hiring somebody to do it for them. At the end of the day these folks, their customers are sponsoring Odoo R&D and the net result is that more or less 75% of Odoo R&D is indeed in the Odoo core which is becoming very good, what you call the Odoo CE, that we guys use smartly as the base library for the OCA ecosystem that brings back a full featured ERP for the rest of us the brave hackers who dare looking at a line of code. We find a market also for companies who prefer lock free solution over a shiny interface and it is business as usual.

Now I agree, this is a Europe and North America pricing. After all this is where most of their cost is, so they should pay it back with the same economics, just like any Northern company. In fact Akretion used to be an Odoo partner for 7 years, 2x silver and 2x at gold level gold (on results not on commitment). But all in all, when we have seen that:
  1. our money made little difference once Odoo SA was VC powered or now that is is profitable
  2. Odoo doesn't care if we are good engineers or consultants that don't fail implementations, what they want is a sale representant of their non open source products
  3. price is out of our historical market (Brazil)
  4. for us, selling proprietary blobs is schizophrenic and killing our strongest selling point that is exactly telling our customers that by choosing Odoo they choose an ERP with no vendor lockin
So we paused the partnership but still do Odoo projects like made, we contribute in other ways by contribute by growing the ecosystem, the OCA (we are the 2nd module publisher in v10) and by bug fixing the core.

And I believe that indeed Odoo doesn't contribute themselves in other ways to PostgreSQL, Python or Linux.

I was very opposed to the license change as it was the contract between Odoo SA and its community, the contract under which many people overworked for free around the world to make Odoo what is is now by adapting it to new markets and new countries. And for a product that started as GPL, then went even more GNU with AGPL it wasn't like something natural to backpedal totally back to LGPL after nearly a decade of collective construction.

But so be it, most of the OCA modules are still AGPL and achieve the same effect we wanted from the core (Odoo CE). Let's move on and keep doing open source. If some contribute to open source by doing proprietary stuff and some customers in the richest countries like that and pay money to fund open source, so be it.

Founder and consultant