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Re: implementing - gitchangelog to odoo and its modules

Cody Kitterman
- 23/05/2016 17:32:32
Mr. Rottermann:

     Point taken. The first order of business would be the business case, or more specifically, to talk about how something like gitchangelog could alleviate some of the following:

"We actually try very hard to educate and inform developers and users; But Odoo is huge and evolving very quickly, so it's not easy. "

[I want to be clear here, too: I respect Fabian and I appreciate what I've been given. I wasn't mocking him, it's just that certain people have trouble reading between the lines. Any friend/teammate/business partner would recognize that for what it is and step-in and try to help...]

"The business methods of the different modules are usually not well documented. However we do not encourage to write docstring for all the business methods because:
     - it is hard to identify the one that really make sense to document
     - the logic of such methods can potentially change often and it can be misleading for unmaintained docstring
      - it is not published anywhere unlike the ORM methods"

Source: Odoo's Ecommerce Comparison White Paper, pg 13.

In short, an incredible amount of money is being wasted—his, ours, everyone's—as time that could be spent developing Odoo is being diverted towards "RTFC", finding documentation/resources, answering questions, asking questions, etc... The key business concept to keep in mind here is, again, Opportunity Cost. 

I don't have the patience to layout the business model companies like Red Hat have used to attract developers and draw on their free labor (Fedora, CentOS). I'll just include a picture of their building in Raleigh, North Carolina:

​"Economies of Scale"

Second order would be a discussion on how Odoo's "Commit message" conventions could be expanded to support something like gitchangelog...

But I digress...

Cody Kitterman

On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 3:22 PM, robert rottermann <> wrote:

On 23.05.2016 16:07, Cody Kitterman wrote:

Here's what we're saying: "Help me help you... Help me! help... You! We care...! We want to work with you..."

This is what we get in return:

"But IMHO (and please do not take me wrong)

IF you are a python versed, you should know that those are obvious steps when you compile an sphinx documentation, and the file structure is the basic one.."

Translation: "You must
―and don't take this personally—be an idiot."
Yes, I did read it like that and...
I am old enough to give a heck ..
Nhorman has a patronizing streak, so I accept him as a patronizing guy that nevertheless provides lots of valuable information.

What bothers me more is that as soon that  somebody utters some strong opinion a nitpicky pounding of chests erupts and we are flooded with lengthy proofs/rebuttals of what ever argument the opponents seem fit  to  support or trash.

I am of the opinion that the odoo environment has many spots where strong arguments are appropriate.
It would be a pity to kill discussions that might happen around these questions them with show-offs who has the longer one ..


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