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Mobile app with in Unity

Overthrow Robotics, Chris Jones
- 04/02/2016 19:02:28

I previously had a mobile app written with the Odoo mobile framework for Android but the app was poorly written and buggy and I've had a hard time finding good devs with experience with the framework. I also don't want to develop twice to support ios. I use Unity3D for another project and it's a great environment I'm personally familiar with. Build once and deploy on both Android and iOS.

I'm going to open source all of it. I'm building for v7 and it is primarily used for manufacturing and warehouse management. Qr codes are created for Incoming Shipment lines, manufactured products, work centers and locations.

You can pull up a list of manufacturing orders, select one and then put in your serial numbers for all the products by just scanning their qr codes. A work center can be scanned to bring up a list of pending work orders. Incoming product qr codes can be scanned for inventory adjustment and for stock moves.

If anyone wants to collaborate let me know. I should have basic functionality by next week and I can send out a demo video.