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redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 25/01/2016 08:44:57
On 25.01.2016 14:40, Andreas Becker wrote:
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to have an idea how online learning solutions work I suggest James and you should siply participate on one of those courses. There are plenty of free courses and even some you can get certificates.
this would be very interesting but alas the powers that be created my average day far to short. mere 24h long ..
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I really recommend them as their courses are great and it is real fun!

Here is one course every body here in this list might be interested. it is free and you don't need to offer all your time for this. Meet people from all around the world. Instead of writing reviews which often even contains lots of mistakes (fatal ones I would say as they just mean the opposite) better participate here in that course and convince all those participants to use Odoo. As you can read in the description Odoo not even gets mentioned here! So there is real work to be done to show everybody who is actual the Market Leader :-)

This MIS course will cover supporting tech infrastructures (Cloud, Databases, Big Data), the MIS development/ procurement process, and the main integrated systems, ERPs, such as SAP®, Oracle® or Microsoft Dynamics Navision®, as well as their relationship with Business Process Redesign.

Management Information Systems (MIS) are an integral part of today’s professional landscape. From customer relationship management (CRM) systems handling the daily interactions with clients and prospects, to financial systems issuing invoices and paying bills, day-to-day working life is increasingly controlled by these systems that dictate what to do and how.

This course will focus on what MIS are, how they influence your current or prospective jobs, why they impose specific - and sometimes seemingly absurd - operational procedures, and how to use this knowledge to your advantage in your professional life.

Grasping the key concepts in MIS does not need to be daunting. We will use real world examples to illustrate key concepts, and strive to strike a proper balance between clarity / amenity and conceptual soundness. Join us on this stimulating journey that will allow you to better understand and perform in your current or desired job.

During those courses you will have the chance to watch video on a time you have time to watch it, but there are alo sessions where you will be able to communicate with all others and your professors in real time.


another great solution 

Here you can learn how to design online courses and out of that learning process you will experience what might be needed to get Odoo doing what you really need to provide your courses. 

again they are free but good! It has also a

  • Weekly webinars with guest presenters
Which means it would be also another chance to promote ODOO! But with real world examples and know how!

especially instructors should have a look to convas and try to create some courses - It is imho the best one for creating courses, very intuitive.


Is something Odoo could do already much better! For courses like offered in Khan Academy the Presentation tool slides is the right tool.

Unfortunately Odoo is not a Pertner of Khan Academy and therefore misses the Opoortunity to reach lots of people who are only interested in a tool which could help them to manage there businesses, finances, courses, schools and so much more. Well I think Odoo belongs here too!

Check out the partner content section.

only one example how odoo could be present there too

Their search is horrible as for Openerp you will get i.e. : 


Here you will find Odoo courses but all courses costs something and not seldom quite a lot and a book woudl be a better investment.
is a nice example of an video course. But Udemy is quite different from Canvas or EDX or Moodle so better compare it with Khan Academy.


The most used LMS system I would say all around the world and it has a great cloud solution to which you should try to understand what actually a LMS is and than see what is there in Odoo.

Moodle and Canvas connect great with Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button

Test it together with Moodle in the Moodle Cloud - it is worth it and integrating Big Blue Button to ODOO would already bring a lot more interactivity with customers students etc. It is also released under GNU LGPL! but BigBlueButton incorporates the red5phone project, which is developed under the GPL license.


A really great solution to manage a students or employees portfolio. Odoo has lots of tools which actually could do the same if they would play nicer to gether and if they would have the feature richness of Mahara concerning creating, managing and publishing CVs and your portfolio. 

Mahara plays very well together with Moodle!


Beside thos now mentioned there are lots of other LMS systems out there Blackboard, Brightspace is not the only way ;-) Odoo could be a much greater way if real interactive elearning features could get included into Odoo Community Edition!

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