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Re: UI line item edit checkbox requires double click

Open For Small Business Ltd, Graeme Gellatly
- 15/12/2015 01:35:36

I'd report it as usability bug. Been a very long time since I did UX studies, but I think they call that the Gulf of evaluation. You expect an action to do something but the result is different. A checkbox is a standard UI component and expected to behave in a certain way, and if it doesn't, it's a bug. Check boxes are single click in all other applications.

Besides the current behavior is pointless.

On Tue, 15 Dec 2015 5:36 PM Hans Yonathan <> wrote:

You can use many2many behavior when we selecting the routing on product.

Or if it not fit, I think you must modify the javascript on it.



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From: OpenERP Master []
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Subject: UI line item edit checkbox requires double click



A client of mine wants to be able to edit a list produced by a wizard and check a box next to line items that apply.

The problem is that you have to click the line to make it editable, then check the box. This is a usability annoyance for the client because they do not understand why the system behaves this way.

Is there something someone else has done, or some method that can allow a checkbox to be set on a line without having to click twice.


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