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Re: FYI: New SAAS pricing posted

Ermin Trevisan
- 09/07/2015 06:27:51
I agree with you, Luis.

As I said, we at twanda ( focus on the small local businesses market, which has a tremendous size (and therefore a huge business opportunity), but is a very special and difficult one. It is also a market, which has to face strong competition, mainly not from general purpose ERP (or extended former accounting) systems be it open source or not, but from numerous mostly outdated proprietary vertical solutions mostly covering only parts of the value chain.

From the point of view of this market, I see 2 main issues:

- Standard Odoo, even V9 Enterprise, can not be used for this market, because the implementation, customization, introduction, support and training cost are too high.

- As a provider to succeed on this market, I need another business model as currently offered by Odoo. For this market, I do not need a freemium model with free users, paid services are no problem when the value proposition is good. I'm more than happy to deliver a fair share to Odoo S.A. but I need a business model which is most preferably based on my sales price, not on users and not on apps.

On 09.07.2015 11:52, Luis Panozzo wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
Well, I guess that Wouter has said the "s" word that is the foundation for everything else in the Odoo universe.
Let's face it.
If Odoo SA does not survive, Odoo -open source and community notwithstanding- is doomed. 
We have to be realistic about that. Zillion forks would follow.

That being said, I believe that diverging too radically from the initial premise may also hinder sustainability. 
Why? Because even though "sustainability" is based on money, "credibility" is not less a pillar.
If you fail the "credibility" test you fodder the competition who will not hesitate to instill FUD into the potential customers, making for a diminishing installed base, etc, etc ...

Yes, we should all be healthily concerned about the evolution of SA's business model as it will impact most of our business models. 

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