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Re: FYI: New SAAS pricing posted

Ermin Trevisan
- 09/07/2015 05:55:28
Do we have a place with the necessary attention from Odoo and maybe also from OCA to place enhancement requests and even blueprints for the solutions?

Let's take a simple example how we could improve with the benefits of an ecosystem: Restaurants

V9 will bring a restaurant POS with table management. Great.

But I can't use Odoo standard Website Builder/E-Commerce for restaurants.

- Restaurants may well have an online shop, for gift cards, maybe some specialities, but

- Restaurants need the possibility to present their food and beverages menu online, with public categories, with detail page and so on as in the standard shop, but without the shopping cart, nevertheless, the products are saleable, because they are needed in the POS
- Restaurants need the possibility to display prices for different UOS (i.e. Wine by the glass and by bottle, starter portion and main dish etc.) in the list or kanban view, not only on the detail page, it must also be generally possible to display total prices (base price + variants' extra price)
- Restaurants must also be able to display different pricelists (restaurant price, room-service price, take-away price)

All of that should be controlled by attributes of public categories and be generic enough to cover restaurant needs as a particular customization of a generic model.

On 09.07.2015 11:25, Kurt Haselwimmer wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

I agree with everything that Ermin has said - small does not equal simple. In fact there is an argument that larger organisations necessarily can only adopt the lowest common denominator across all of their departments so their requirements are actually the smallest subset available. Naturally they may have deeper pockets to pay for customisations when they need them but this does not mean that they are the only ones who require customisations, even though the previous model of partner driven development will have been weighted towards those with the deepest pockets to pay for customisations. The situation is different now - with customisations or specialist modules now saleable to more than just the first customer it means that the skewed weighting is no longer in place and all the customers in need of a particular customisation are treated equally.

May I add to the list of e-commerce customisations that ermin has started.

1) Ability to provide different pricing to different customer groups (i.e. guest visitors, standard registered customer, VIP customers, distributors, etc)
2) Ability to have different description and image text on category landing pages, essential for SEO.
3) Ability to track carts that have been filled but not checked out so that recovery action can be taken, (possibly via marketing automation email).
4) Ability to attach production documentation files (eg manuals, brochures, technical datasheets, materials safety datasheets, etc) to product with download from product page.

These give just one example each of the areas of e-commerce stores - pricing, SEO, website optimisations and product presentation that need improving. I will let others add to these and maybe we can provide some useful feedback to Odoo SA



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On 09.07.2015 02:36, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:
> > * weakness: can't integrate community modules
> Is it a weakness? Yes and no.
> For very small customers, it is not. They prefer stability, low price,
> evolution and super clean usability than extra features. Aside for
> integrations (magento, shipping connectors, 3PL, payments providers), we
> rarely have a customer we can not implement out-of-the-box.
Well, I don't know why people are always thinking that "small" means 
"simple". It is not the size of a business which defines its complexity, 
it is the kind of business and its processes and it is a matter of scope 
of a solution.
The aim of our company is to offer turn-key preconfigured and 
standardized Odoo SaaS implementations for small local businesses and 
trades in many different verticals. That said, it is a big disadvantage 
not being able to implement community modules when I consider the speed 
and responsiveness of Odoo S.A. to enhancements, bugs and design flaws. 
And the deeper we get into the implementation of our solutions, the 
longer the list of gaps becomes.

Let me give you some simple examples coming to my mind right now:
- 3rd address line in addresses
- E-commerce: customizable sale ribbons
- E-commerce: missing commercial possibilities (pick-up, reservation, 
booking, rental, online appointment transactions with or without online 
payment) in connection with brick 'n' mortar businesses
- design flaws such as not treating a car as an asset (of a certain 
type) in asset management
... the list goes on...

My tradeoff: the existing user interface of Odoo backend is not usable 
for small businesses and having a better UI could be an argument for the 
enterprise version, if a reasonable commercial deal is negotiable. On 
the other hand, not being able to implement community modules would mean 
to close all the numerous gaps with own (proprietary) developments or to 
wait for Odoo to include them in the enterprise and/or community 
version, which is almost impossible, if you do not get a timely feedback 
on enhancement requests.

Just my 2 cents...

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