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Re: Please confirm comments on v9 UI

ADINS sprl, Christophe HANON
- 09/06/2015 03:35:08
" customer of the enterprise 
edition will not be allowed to use a community module, which is not 
licensed under LGPL, with the new UI."

PLEASE don't spread this, because it is NOT Correct. There has been a complete agreement between Odoo and the OCA about that. There will be no issue mixing them. Provided that commercial modules don't use AGPL modules. It is also thinkable that OCA will released work under AGPL.

There is no magic, but I think we have a unique opportunity to work on a platform where both community driven and commercial offering could live together, lets try it !
Having said that I think putting the UI in Enterprise edition is a major mistake...


On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 1:39 AM, Ermin Trevisan <> wrote:
On 08.06.2015 16:12, OpenERP Master wrote:
> Thanks for posting a link to the google doc. It is interesting. I 
> still maintain my original comment, IMO, it is a serious offense to 
> have any difference in a user experience between versions. I would ask 
> anyone to provide another successful software package that has such a 
> setup where there is a different experience between versions. For me, 
> this is a breaking point, meaning, I won't offer it. I'm sorry, but I 
> put my foot down. 8.0 works great. Most well known developers have 
> just started releasing their code for 8.0, haven't even thought about 
> 9. That is a mile away.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Let's have a look into 
the future: Besides the problem of the maintenance of 2 different UI's, 
I see a complete separation between Community version and Enterprise 
edition coming for legal licensing reason. A customer of the enterprise 
edition will not be allowed to use a community module, which is not 
licensed under LGPL, with the new UI. Nobody, except of Odoo and maybe 
official partners, is allowed to develop new modules with the new UI, so 
all community modules must stay with the old UI, so there will not be 
any community modules with the new UI anyway. Enterprise customers will 
be completely locked in if they are not willing to accept different UI's 
in one software. For me that sounds like a complete split.

This is really bad news and if I had seen that coming a year ago, I 
would have taken another decision.

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