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RE: New version of the posbox image

SafeComs Network Security Consulting Co., Ltd., Philippe Thuaud
- 16/07/2018 04:26:34

Thank you Martin


Well noted.


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On 16/07/18 06:52, Philippe Thuaud wrote:



> Thank you. Is this for Odoo v11 or can it also works for Odoo10. I am

> asking since you mentioned that you change the python version so just

> want to make sure.




The posbox software used to run on a version 8.0 of Odoo. This new

version indeed runs on a 11.0 version of Odoo.

However, it does not matter for the user. You can use this version of

the posbox to communicate with a point of sale in version 9, 10 or 11

(or even 7 and 8.0), no problem.


The only exception is the support for customer facing display (added in

the previous version of the posbox). This feature is only available for

users of Odoo 11.0.





Martin Trigaux


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