What are the "Manufacturing Lead Time" and "Customer Lead Time" fields for?

Paul Phillips

Odoo v14

Selecting the "Inventory" tab under a product's details window lists two "Lead Time" parameters under a "Logistics" heading.  What are they for?

I am expecting that manufacturing lead time would be covered by a combination of purchase lead times for parts shortages and manufacturing time for the qty ordered of a part.  

Is the manufacturing lead time just an additional number of days added to the build time and purchase time? If that's the case - what is a use case example of what it might cover?

Is the customer lead time another fixed amount applied again? What is that meant to represent?

Lars Aam

I will this, to see what answer you get. I am interested in the same question - on how we can give customers a good estimate on delivery tiime.
But: As far as I have tested, Odoo does not calculate the full supply chain. It will take the days for manufacturing (+ sales time as safe time) and do not take into consideration neither production capacity nor availability / delivery time for components.

You can read documentation here: https://www.odoo.com/documentation/14.0/applications/inventory_and_mrp/inventory/management/planning/scheduled_dates.html?highlight=delivery time

Another issue is that Odoo only manage promised delivery date by order number - on order header. But we need to inform customer by order line. So I will look into this App in the coming weeks